Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new look...

last Friday not only did I get a new pair of glasses, I also got a new 'do...well a new hair color...after 4 years of lots o' blonde I went a bit darker...

{before, lots of blonde and black frames}

{after: darker and new tortoise frames, and a new shape!}

{me and the khloe-ster with my darker hair and new spectacles}
wish me luck, tonight and tomorrow night are the kick-off meetings for our spouses club!
I have that nervous feeling like when you throw a party and are afraid no one will show...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

fairwell processed foods

just as the title states, this blogger is saying good bye to processed foods. 

it is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.  often times I am not mindful of what I am putting in my body. Sure, I have cut out sodas and juice and only drink water, with coffee and wine on occasion.  But when it comes to food, I often find myself eating whatever is most readily available. 

here are a few things that I am going to start being very mindful of:

this info is from this site :

1) Milk It doesn’t matter what kind of cow’s milk it is, drink a little less and you may feel better. Just like everything else, use milk and dairy products in moderation.

{i don't drink milk anymore, ever.  it is very sad, but it was giving me stomach aches so about a year ago i cut it out completely, i only use soy milk. i don't really even eat a lot of ice cream anymore, but the cheese thing i need to cut back on :( i think i need to limit it to 1-2 days a week, not 4-5 like i do now}

2) Saturated Fat
If you love to eat animal fat because that is what makes meat extremely juicy and tender, or oily deep-fried foods, you have taken the first step towards the Heart Attack Club.

Saturated fat is known to increase bad cholesterol (LDL).
Research has shown that even the leanest beef, pork, or chicken breast is already full of saturated fat. However, eating lean meat is certainly better than eating fatty meat. Just remember the key word: Moderation.

Saturated fat is commonly found in:
• Chicken
• Pork
• Beef
• Lamb
• Chocolate
• Cookies
• Sweet and salty snacks
• Frozen and prepared foods
• Ice cream
• Cheesecakes
• Desserts
• Butter
• Cheese and other dairy products
• Burgers
• Fried foods
• Lard (animal fat)
• Salad dressings
• Vegetable cooking oil

{ i think is going to be very hard to be mindful of. 
I think the two things that I eat most on that list
aresweet and salty snacks and frozen and
 prepared foods.I really need to make a
conscious effort to make more things from scratch.}

3) MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)MSG could also show up in foods under the following common names:

• Accent
• Autolyzed yeast
• Amino acid
• Autolyzed plant protein
• Calcium caseinate
• E621
• Flavor enhancer
• Gourmet powder
• Gutamic acid
• Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
• Monopotassium glutamate
• Sodium caseinate
• Vetsin
• Yeast Extract

MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is a type of food additive commonly known as flavor enhancer. Its job is to deceive your taste buds by making the food taste better than it is. It also makes you eat more than you need.

Through long-term use, it could be harmful to the brain and nervous system.

MSG is commonly found in:
• Canned soups and foods
• Sausages
• Most flavored potato chips and other salty snack foods
(Including children’s snacks)
• Chips’ dips
• Packaged chicken and beef stocks
• Frozen and processed foods
• Instant noodles’ seasonings

{hello, i bet i eat way more MSG then i think. 
again, there are those salty snacks, and the frozen and instant foods. }

4) Sugar
Sugar in other common forms or names:

• Dextrose
• Fructose
• Glucose
• High fructose corn syrup
• Saccharose
• Sucrose
• Sweetener
• Syrup

Before you eat it, yes sugar is fat free! But once you eat it, it will turn into fat if you don’t burn it off shortly after your consumption.

Potential or common side effects:
• Anxiety
• Aging
• Bloating
• Hyperactivity in children
• Constipation
• Heart diseases
• Fatigue
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Food craving
• Lack of focus or concentration (leads to decrease
• Tooth decay
• Lost concentration
• Lack of ability to sit still
• Premature aging and wrinkles
• Weight increase leading to health challenges
• Weakened immune system — get sick more easily and
• Difficulty sleeping — especially for children

{i really have no idea yet how to cut out sugar, but i know i should. 
 just look at the list of possible side effects!}

I am really going to have to get the hubs on board with this as well, because he is the king of frozen foods and pre packaged meals.  I know that in the long run we will feel 100 times better than we do now, but taking the first few steps well be challenging. 

I often wonder how I can manage so many things in my life, yet I can't manage the food we consume.  It really has to be a priority.  {does anyone else feel like everything in life seems to be a top priority??}

wish me luck!

{I wonder if changing my diet will make me grumpy for a while??}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a winner!

Last night I recieved a lovely email telling me I had won a blog giveaway! 

My first win in the blogosphere!

I entered at ashley's amazing blog under the sycamore.  Seriously her blog is amazing, I love her decorating style.  You should see what she does with her collection of chairs.  Her kids are also adorable as well!

I won a gift of my choice from this gals shop foster kade designs.  This gal is also amazing!

I picked out this gorgeous bag

{her headbands are also bananas! I might have to buy one of those in the future}
What is even more amazing is that Angie is using the sales from her shop to benefit their upcoming adoption for a sweet little girl! you can read all about it at her blog.  Their story melts my heart.  I will add them to my prayer list. 

So excited to get my cute little bag! 
I should have it in time for my trip to Seattle to see my sis
 and for our honeymoon in november!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

take a tour of our home...

in my last post i mentioned that at about 9 pm on saturday night scott and i decided we needed to do some changes to the condo {read: rented 800 square foot box!}

Scott was doing his HW as per usual and decided he no longer liked the layout of his room.  thus he rearranged the whole thing. 

the desk moved to the wall that had the couch.  The couch moved to the wall that had the desk.  the bookshelf changed direction.  the dresser was also added to this same wall.  The TV went where the dresser once was.  the wall that used to have the tv now has a few little things but is a nice open space.  {are you keeping up?? this is IMPORTANT stuff!}

{this is where all his knowledge wisdom happens}

{if you come and visit us, this is where you will sleep, the bed pulled out of course}

Once scott got the bug he passed it off to me.  I had been thinking a lot lately that I really need to have a proper desk space to do all my "personal business," the couch wasn't going to work any more.

I have a wonderful little desk that scott bought me a few years ago.  It started in the dining room and about 3 months ago moved into the bedroom to hold all of my fun girly baubles...

the desk has a new location in the dining room.  Which means I totally rearranged our dining room.  re-did the wine area, added my desk, and now I can reveal the piece of furniture we bought just after our second wedding in June.

We also bought curtains in June that i absolutely LOVE!

{they are girly yet not too overly fruffy}

{love the new wine rack, ikea, $10!}

{see the pink card by my grad pic, my bestie sent it to me
with a starbucks card just because i was having
a moment last week, she is the best! thanks kate!!!}

{i love that i used wine bottles as bookends}

{the newest piece of furniture to invade our home.}
as the picture says, this looks a lot different in my head than it does when actually photographed.

what does that mean?? well I'm glad you asked.  it means it is time to go through more things and give them away to goodwill.  the hubs will love that for sure!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

impromptu adventure in LA, a 5k, and homemade mac&cheese!

This weekend was by far one of the most relaxing, yet one where the hubs and I accomplished so many things!  I have to admit I did take thursday off to have a 4 day weekend.  thursday off meant I got a lot of things around the house, marketing flyers for Operation Homefront and a few things for the spouses' club.

Friday we woke up early and went to Ikea. 
I grew up for the most part in San Diego and Ikea was about a 15 minute drive. 
 Here it is an hour drive, as long you don't hit LA traffic
{to not hit traffic in LA is kind gesture from the traffic gods!}

After buy lots of fun things from Ikea { a later post} we left Burbank and headed to Hollywood.  We decided since we were already in LA we might as well spend the day exploring various places...

We left burbank, headed to hollywood, for as long as i have lived in CA {18 years total} i have never done all the touristy hollywood things.  We saw Kodak theatre, the chinese theatre, El Capitan theatre, the hollywood stars and all the eccentric people that roam the area.

lunch: a shared slice of huge pizza!

After gallivanting around hollywood blvd we decided next on our impromptu LA adventure would be Sunset blvd.  We drove down and stop of a the coffee bean to replenish our energy
{all great people survive on caffeine}

Along the way we saw a lot of TV famous LA symbols...

{the quality isn't great but we were driving}

{this building might not seem famous to most of you, but if you were a "The Hills" groupie like I was you might recognize this building.  This is the building they used to show in the last few season when they were showing brody at his apartment!}

After our sunset blvd drive we headed to Santa Monica to end our adventure. 
We do not have pinkberry in Ventura. 
Pinkberry is my FAVORITE frozen yogurt. 
Seriously, the best!  {all time favorite half pomegranate, half passion fruit with strawberries and raspberries on top and their devilishly delicious pomegranate syrup on top}

before pinkberry we had a yummy dinner at P.F. Changs.  Their fried green beans are heaven!

After sitting in traffic for a half an hour we finally got going and made it home at about 9 pm.  Just in time to hit the hay for our Wounded Warrior 5k the next morning.

Saturday we were up bright an early to run the Wounded Warrior 5k.  Lots of fun! The winner of the half marathon was the guy who won the Carlsbad marathon last year.  He was crazy fast! 

Saturday night i made homemade mac and cheese!
oh my gosh.  I DIE.  the mac and cheese was BANANAS!
{fun fact of the day: the hubs and i love rachel zoe, LOVE IT!}

{sharp cheddar, smoked cheddar and Gruyere}

{isn't this dish beyond cute! it was a gift for my bridal shower, thanks Tina!!}

{it has canadian bacon it is, don't you want to get in the kitchen and make it yourself??}

at about 9 pm on saturday night scott and i decided we needed to do some rearranging in our condo
{rented, not owned, thank gosh, this place is like a shoe box}.

stay tuned for my post on what we did!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hello fall...

why hello fall, how are you?

I have missed you so...

even though southern califonia does not experience
"true fall weather" it is still my favorite season

apple cider

pumpkin spice lattes


cool crisp weather

the beginning of the holiday season

fall colors

wearing sweaters and boots

fall decor

our house is officially ready for fall!

Vegas for free...

the end of June the gal pals and I took a trip to LAS VEGAS!

it was time to celebrate kara's bachelorette party

while v, kara and kate hopped in a car and drove to Vegas, i hopped on a jet plane and met the gals for a crazy adventure!

somehow when the 4 of us go to Vegas it ends up costing us less than a weekend of flailing in San Diego!

there was a mishap on The Mirage's part.  they had either over booked, not realized they were remodelling their suites or all of the above.  either way it meant we staying an a junior suite for FREE! yup, you are reading that correctly we staying for FREE and were VIP baby!

We spent a ton of time at the pool and club hopping to every place we had VIP entrance to!

of course what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I'll just share some of the beyond cute pics of us gals!

the view from our room

the bachelorette...

isn't this dress fabulous!
a housewives dress for sure

stunner shades ladies

love our headbands!

Monday, September 13, 2010

DIY: ribbon and bead necklace...

I found the cutest easiest DIY necklace at this gals blog a girl and a glue gun

it is sew need ribbon, beads, scissors,
string {i used plastic string for necklaces} and a needle

first one finished...

trying it on...

necklace no.2, you can't really tell but this one has light pink glass looking beads...

these were beyond easy, and super cheap!

I think I have found part one of my Christmas gifts for my girlfriends!

last weekend in review...

sooo im about a week sue me! hehehe

Scott and I had a 4 day weekend…can you say heaven?!?

Friday morning we headed down to San Diego . We had lunch with my bro Kenny and our family’s favorite Mexican hole in the wall, Adelbertos in Point Loma. I had the carne asada chips, again, can you say heaven?! I have said this probably 1,346,563,463 times on facebook, you just can’t get better Mexican food than from a hole in the wall joint in San Diego.

Friday evening we had game night at the Aicher home. It was a grand time, so grand in fact that COPS were called on us! 8 people playing Guesstures and the neighbors called the cops on us! My bro came over and brought his friend Desiree, we showed those 21 year olds how “old folks” party! Haha Kenny ending up being on the “old” team. Here is how we divided up into two teams, everyone arrived as a couple, so we decided the oldest person from each couple would form one team, and the youngest would form another. I was on the “old” or Team Awesome, we dubbed ourselves awesome and it worked as we won Guesstures by a land slide, I think it was something like 44 to 21!

Saturday was spent watching my littlest godson preston, while the boys went golfing and tish and emery went to a birthday party at chuck-e-cheese.   But before everyone went on their merry way Emery made us all pancakes! yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy!

Sunday morning I had coffee with my by two bff’s . I swear we get together and words just fly out of our mouths, that is until you put a warm breakfast burrito in front of us. That’s right, I had Mexican food twice while I was in san diego, thank you lord! We spent about two hours catching up discussing weddings, babies, family, money, you name it we probably covered it! Of course the two hours felt like 2.5 seconds. I cannot wait for our camping trip to celebrate kar’s dirty 30 birfday! Joshua Tree here we come!!

kate and I in Vegas!

kara, john and i having pinkberry in santa barbara!

After coffee with the gals it was time for a pedicure with tish. Hands down the cheapest spa pedicure, I upgraded to two extra things and it still only cost me $26 dollars, holla! Then I enjoyed my second pumpkin spice latte of the season and did a bit of shoe shopping before we headed back home to the house of boys.

We got back laaaaaaaaaaaate on Sunday night, as in after 10 pm…I slept for about 10 hours and woke up refreshed and ready for a day of labor day shopping. We finally found scott an awesome deal on golf shoes and I had a major score at the banana republic outlet! I bought 4 tops and 2 sweaters which I am pretty sure will be the things I rotate in my wardrobe from now until about January! I also found the comfiest pair of casual run errands shoes but did not buy them because scott said they were too old lady like…well he basically said if I was prego then he would understand…I told him to get over it because I am going back to buy them. I literally felt like my feet were walking on pillows. Clarks outlet shop here I come!  {since this is posted a week late, i did in fact go back and get the shoes, woohoo!}

I ended the shopping day with a stop at Pier 1 where I finally used our wedding gift card from Gina and Danny. I bought so many cute fall accessories I had to go home and decorate the house with all of my fall d├ęcor…

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