Sunday, September 19, 2010

impromptu adventure in LA, a 5k, and homemade mac&cheese!

This weekend was by far one of the most relaxing, yet one where the hubs and I accomplished so many things!  I have to admit I did take thursday off to have a 4 day weekend.  thursday off meant I got a lot of things around the house, marketing flyers for Operation Homefront and a few things for the spouses' club.

Friday we woke up early and went to Ikea. 
I grew up for the most part in San Diego and Ikea was about a 15 minute drive. 
 Here it is an hour drive, as long you don't hit LA traffic
{to not hit traffic in LA is kind gesture from the traffic gods!}

After buy lots of fun things from Ikea { a later post} we left Burbank and headed to Hollywood.  We decided since we were already in LA we might as well spend the day exploring various places...

We left burbank, headed to hollywood, for as long as i have lived in CA {18 years total} i have never done all the touristy hollywood things.  We saw Kodak theatre, the chinese theatre, El Capitan theatre, the hollywood stars and all the eccentric people that roam the area.

lunch: a shared slice of huge pizza!

After gallivanting around hollywood blvd we decided next on our impromptu LA adventure would be Sunset blvd.  We drove down and stop of a the coffee bean to replenish our energy
{all great people survive on caffeine}

Along the way we saw a lot of TV famous LA symbols...

{the quality isn't great but we were driving}

{this building might not seem famous to most of you, but if you were a "The Hills" groupie like I was you might recognize this building.  This is the building they used to show in the last few season when they were showing brody at his apartment!}

After our sunset blvd drive we headed to Santa Monica to end our adventure. 
We do not have pinkberry in Ventura. 
Pinkberry is my FAVORITE frozen yogurt. 
Seriously, the best!  {all time favorite half pomegranate, half passion fruit with strawberries and raspberries on top and their devilishly delicious pomegranate syrup on top}

before pinkberry we had a yummy dinner at P.F. Changs.  Their fried green beans are heaven!

After sitting in traffic for a half an hour we finally got going and made it home at about 9 pm.  Just in time to hit the hay for our Wounded Warrior 5k the next morning.

Saturday we were up bright an early to run the Wounded Warrior 5k.  Lots of fun! The winner of the half marathon was the guy who won the Carlsbad marathon last year.  He was crazy fast! 

Saturday night i made homemade mac and cheese!
oh my gosh.  I DIE.  the mac and cheese was BANANAS!
{fun fact of the day: the hubs and i love rachel zoe, LOVE IT!}

{sharp cheddar, smoked cheddar and Gruyere}

{isn't this dish beyond cute! it was a gift for my bridal shower, thanks Tina!!}

{it has canadian bacon it is, don't you want to get in the kitchen and make it yourself??}

at about 9 pm on saturday night scott and i decided we needed to do some rearranging in our condo
{rented, not owned, thank gosh, this place is like a shoe box}.

stay tuned for my post on what we did!


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