Monday, September 13, 2010

last weekend in review...

sooo im about a week sue me! hehehe

Scott and I had a 4 day weekend…can you say heaven?!?

Friday morning we headed down to San Diego . We had lunch with my bro Kenny and our family’s favorite Mexican hole in the wall, Adelbertos in Point Loma. I had the carne asada chips, again, can you say heaven?! I have said this probably 1,346,563,463 times on facebook, you just can’t get better Mexican food than from a hole in the wall joint in San Diego.

Friday evening we had game night at the Aicher home. It was a grand time, so grand in fact that COPS were called on us! 8 people playing Guesstures and the neighbors called the cops on us! My bro came over and brought his friend Desiree, we showed those 21 year olds how “old folks” party! Haha Kenny ending up being on the “old” team. Here is how we divided up into two teams, everyone arrived as a couple, so we decided the oldest person from each couple would form one team, and the youngest would form another. I was on the “old” or Team Awesome, we dubbed ourselves awesome and it worked as we won Guesstures by a land slide, I think it was something like 44 to 21!

Saturday was spent watching my littlest godson preston, while the boys went golfing and tish and emery went to a birthday party at chuck-e-cheese.   But before everyone went on their merry way Emery made us all pancakes! yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy!

Sunday morning I had coffee with my by two bff’s . I swear we get together and words just fly out of our mouths, that is until you put a warm breakfast burrito in front of us. That’s right, I had Mexican food twice while I was in san diego, thank you lord! We spent about two hours catching up discussing weddings, babies, family, money, you name it we probably covered it! Of course the two hours felt like 2.5 seconds. I cannot wait for our camping trip to celebrate kar’s dirty 30 birfday! Joshua Tree here we come!!

kate and I in Vegas!

kara, john and i having pinkberry in santa barbara!

After coffee with the gals it was time for a pedicure with tish. Hands down the cheapest spa pedicure, I upgraded to two extra things and it still only cost me $26 dollars, holla! Then I enjoyed my second pumpkin spice latte of the season and did a bit of shoe shopping before we headed back home to the house of boys.

We got back laaaaaaaaaaaate on Sunday night, as in after 10 pm…I slept for about 10 hours and woke up refreshed and ready for a day of labor day shopping. We finally found scott an awesome deal on golf shoes and I had a major score at the banana republic outlet! I bought 4 tops and 2 sweaters which I am pretty sure will be the things I rotate in my wardrobe from now until about January! I also found the comfiest pair of casual run errands shoes but did not buy them because scott said they were too old lady like…well he basically said if I was prego then he would understand…I told him to get over it because I am going back to buy them. I literally felt like my feet were walking on pillows. Clarks outlet shop here I come!  {since this is posted a week late, i did in fact go back and get the shoes, woohoo!}

I ended the shopping day with a stop at Pier 1 where I finally used our wedding gift card from Gina and Danny. I bought so many cute fall accessories I had to go home and decorate the house with all of my fall décor…


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