Monday, September 20, 2010

take a tour of our home...

in my last post i mentioned that at about 9 pm on saturday night scott and i decided we needed to do some changes to the condo {read: rented 800 square foot box!}

Scott was doing his HW as per usual and decided he no longer liked the layout of his room.  thus he rearranged the whole thing. 

the desk moved to the wall that had the couch.  The couch moved to the wall that had the desk.  the bookshelf changed direction.  the dresser was also added to this same wall.  The TV went where the dresser once was.  the wall that used to have the tv now has a few little things but is a nice open space.  {are you keeping up?? this is IMPORTANT stuff!}

{this is where all his knowledge wisdom happens}

{if you come and visit us, this is where you will sleep, the bed pulled out of course}

Once scott got the bug he passed it off to me.  I had been thinking a lot lately that I really need to have a proper desk space to do all my "personal business," the couch wasn't going to work any more.

I have a wonderful little desk that scott bought me a few years ago.  It started in the dining room and about 3 months ago moved into the bedroom to hold all of my fun girly baubles...

the desk has a new location in the dining room.  Which means I totally rearranged our dining room.  re-did the wine area, added my desk, and now I can reveal the piece of furniture we bought just after our second wedding in June.

We also bought curtains in June that i absolutely LOVE!

{they are girly yet not too overly fruffy}

{love the new wine rack, ikea, $10!}

{see the pink card by my grad pic, my bestie sent it to me
with a starbucks card just because i was having
a moment last week, she is the best! thanks kate!!!}

{i love that i used wine bottles as bookends}

{the newest piece of furniture to invade our home.}
as the picture says, this looks a lot different in my head than it does when actually photographed.

what does that mean?? well I'm glad you asked.  it means it is time to go through more things and give them away to goodwill.  the hubs will love that for sure!


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