Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We have a fiscal year...

Yesterday was a busy day!
~thanks to this gal, I have the most awesomest budget spreadsheet. The CA Hatzungs also have a fiscal year. September 1st - August 31st. I am going to track every transaction on our three checking accounts and two credit cards that we use. Yesterday I got us all up to snuff for the month of Sept and then took the time to review the month of August and see where we are spending and where we can cut costs. WE EAT OUT WAY TOO MUCH! I am taking the amount of hard earned dollars we spent on food and shaving 2/3rds off and viola, our new monthly eating out budget. I also then added a bit extra to our grocery budget so we can always have yummy food in the house. Here are a few other savings tips we are going to try:

~get a Costco membership. There are certain things we can buy in bulk that will prevent us from spending $5 at a convenience store every other day.

hmmm, i wonder if buying this much wine will help us save!?!?

~the hubs needs to bring his lunch every day. After creating Fiscal Year Hatzung last night we went to Target to get much needed household goods, and a lunch box for Scott.

this is the lunchbox, he said it was manly, so he could carry it

~now that the hubs doesn't physically have to go to class this semester he can help with the cooking. I not so gently reminded him that I work too and to assume that I would cook every meal all the time was just ludicrous. I also not so gently reminded him that we are not going to eat garbage instant meals on the nights that he cooks. He is going to make dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

~we will each have a coffee card and that will be the money we spend each month at starbucks or coffee bean. {We by no means spend too much at these places, especially since the coffee bean offers $1 off each drink for Military, I usually get a large Iced Tea and Scott gets a large coffee, so after the discount we spend $2.70!} This will help so our bank statements don't have 10 $2 transactions a month.

Seriously sitting down and looking at what we do with our spending cash made us realize that if we cut back on our eating out we could afford a new SUV and not even feel it in our pocketbooks! SUV come to momma!

In other news...

My sister also found out the sex of her baby....A BOY !!!!!

Let the shopping begin!

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