Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kara's dirty thirty, jtree style

one of my bff's celebrated her 30th birthday a few weeks ago.  we all went camping in joshua tree to celebrate the special occasion!

her sister{my other bff} and i decided the weekend before camping over a bottle of wine that we needed to have t-shirts made! thanks to the wine, microsoft power point, both of our marketing skills and tony's {kara's husbands brother who lives in michigan} chicago t-shirt company hook up we made it happen!

 {kate and i sportin the awesome t-shirts we made!}

much of the day is spent doing whatever you want, reading, drinking, hiking, game playing...

 {kar opening her gifts}

on Saturday we had drunk tank Olympics or DTS 
{kind of like GTL for those trashy jersey shore creeps}for short.

the games included horse shoes, bean bags and flip cup.

the teams were girls against guys, 5 guys and 4 girls.

the guys were up when V and i were playing horse shoes...I was having an amazing game of horse shoes.

The score was 20-19 girls, i was the last to throw, drew said i wouldn't make it, the horse shoe left my and what happened next??


this meant that we were tied so flip cup would be the tie breaker.  best out of three

since the girls were a player short i played twice.

the 4 of us girls are the best flip cup players ever! we won all the games and thus the boys were our beer bitches for the rest of the night!


 {v, rob, andrew, john, kara, me, scott, drew & kate}
{DTS winners, and flip cup champions!}

 {kate made a round of tasty shooters, we decided we were going to
 roast kara, a round of nice things and a round of naughty!}

{greg, me, scott, john, v, andrew, kara, liz, kate & drew}

it was an amazing camping trip and i think by far the best camping crew to date. 

we did a ton of walking and hiking and it was really a bonding experience.  helping each other out, cheering each other on and just hanging out. 

it was a great way to celebrate kara's 30th year of life!

{note to self: kara is not in her thirties she is in her thirtieth year!}


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Fun! I love that you didn't do the traditional get-drunk-at-a-bar party. Don't get me wrong, nothin wrong with that, but this seems like such a fun party :)

P.S. Head over to my blog to enter my giveaway!

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