Monday, November 1, 2010

my own business:{pampered chef}

while in Seattle a few weeks ago {read my last post to see the fun pics} i went to a pampered chef party with my sista. 

the consultant was super friendly and looked like she loved what she did.  her full time job is to be a pampered chef consultant and recruiter. 

after a few weeks of pondering if being a pampered chef consultant was for me and asking god for a sign it the lord gave me the sign...

a few days ago i was trying to decide if i was going to do it or not... in about a 45 minute time frame the lady called me to check in and see if was still interested and a friend wrote me an email that 1. wanted my marketing advise {yay!} and 2. said that if i did start pampered chef she has some things she needs to buy as do some of her friends! yay! talk about a sign! if it were any bigger it might have knocked me over.

I signed up and am in the process of getting everything organized...

 in the mean time if you need anything from pampered chef  {for yourself, a birthday present, christmas gift!} send me an email! jenhatzung {@}

I really think this is something that can earn me a nice little chunk of change each month {read: pay off the last of our my credit card debt, add to savings, and help with the new car i need want}


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