Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fall fun with the wallaces'

i am a little behind in posting, but hey i'm a busy gal...full-time gig to make sure i have money in the bank, president of the spouses club, a husband who is a perfectionist, a puppy that is too cute for words and convinces me to sit on the couch and do nothing with her and a new gig as a pampered chef consultant in my free time! {plus i want a sewing machine for christmas so i can try my hand at making some fun things!}

a few weekends ago rik and liz came over to the house {rik is another sigonella alum, those boys i tell ya! and liz and i hit it of immediately{back in july}...i think the hubbys are concerned with our almost every day communcaiton ! } to go to the pumpkin patch and then have dinner and hang out...

i think they are wondering why we girls like to "document our lives"...because we have to update the blogs duh! {and to have pictures for our kids, double duh} 

there were a lot of pumpkins this year with crazy big stumps for tops...what are those things called anyway??

here i am with my big pumpkin!

liz and i posing by the wall of hay...

i love how it was a genuine fall day outside and scott has on shorts and flip flops

our 4 pumpkins, plus we ended up buying a ton of little pumpkins and gourds for around the house

our second pumpkin patch adventure as a married couple

here we all are with our loot!

the apple crisp i made from scratch for dessert

if only the ice cream was home made!

Scott and I were so busy this year {mostly scott, finishing finals and getting ready for a trip for work} we didn't end up carving our pumpkins...

scott did give his monster pumpkin to our neighbor melanie who is in love with khloe...mine still sits on the door step untouched {i still want to scoop out the seeds to have pumpkin seeds to munch on...}

Monday, November 1, 2010

my own business:{pampered chef}

while in Seattle a few weeks ago {read my last post to see the fun pics} i went to a pampered chef party with my sista. 

the consultant was super friendly and looked like she loved what she did.  her full time job is to be a pampered chef consultant and recruiter. 

after a few weeks of pondering if being a pampered chef consultant was for me and asking god for a sign it the lord gave me the sign...

a few days ago i was trying to decide if i was going to do it or not... in about a 45 minute time frame the lady called me to check in and see if was still interested and a friend wrote me an email that 1. wanted my marketing advise {yay!} and 2. said that if i did start pampered chef she has some things she needs to buy as do some of her friends! yay! talk about a sign! if it were any bigger it might have knocked me over.

I signed up and am in the process of getting everything organized...

 in the mean time if you need anything from pampered chef  {for yourself, a birthday present, christmas gift!} send me an email! jenhatzung {@} gmail.com

I really think this is something that can earn me a nice little chunk of change each month {read: pay off the last of our my credit card debt, add to savings, and help with the new car i need want}

Hello Seattle

A few weekends ago the hubs and I got up at 4 am on a friday to drive my butt down to LAX to catch a jet plane to visit my sista and my bro-in-law in Washington.

It was a very uneventful plane ride, just the way I like them!

Here is the story of my trip in pictures...

{lunch at hooters}

{glamour shots by DEB...ferry to Seattle}

{glamour shots by DEB}

{can I have this house, pleeeeease??}

{Jonna showed us around the city, we started
with an amaze-balls brunch at
Salty's on Alki Beach, ah-maz-ing!
I've known Jonna since we were 13!}

{so excited for Pike's Place, the OG starbucks and the best farmers market ever!}

{liz told me I had to rub the pig for good luck!}

{how AH-MAZ-ING are these?!?}

{i wish i could have bought crab...we did try salmon jerk, it is to die for!}

{these huge bouquets were only $10! yes, 10 dollars, you read correct. I would soooooo be at this farmers market every weekend if I lived in WA}

{the first starbucks, i was in heaven!}
this starbucks was the real deal! they had such an amazing system, the longest line ever, yet it went faster than most starbucks!  When you placed your order they gathered all the cups in your order and threw them over to the baristas just like they throw the fish at the fish market.

 there was awesome music outside starbucks...it was like being at a jazz club, you couldn't not be happy!

{prego ashlee truckin' up the hill with her flowers and passion iced tea}

{we had to get another shot with the market sign in the background!}

{awesome shot of me and the space needle, jonna is laying on the ground to take this shot!}

{i love the space needle with the fall leaves of the tree against the amazing blue sky}

{prego pic}

{the ferry ride back home}

{i think we will have lots of photos of seattle on our walls in CA}

this was such an amazing trip, I had so much fun with my sista and john....

i was so lucky to have such amazing weather, the city totally reminded me of San Francisco.  if you know me you know i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE sf! thus i looooooooooooooooved seattle.  I also loved how amazingly green Washington was and how crisp and clean the air was!

We also did some baby room decorating and thrift store shopping! 

i will be doing a post soon on my amazing thrift store finds over the last few weeks! 
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