Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fall fun with the wallaces'

i am a little behind in posting, but hey i'm a busy gal...full-time gig to make sure i have money in the bank, president of the spouses club, a husband who is a perfectionist, a puppy that is too cute for words and convinces me to sit on the couch and do nothing with her and a new gig as a pampered chef consultant in my free time! {plus i want a sewing machine for christmas so i can try my hand at making some fun things!}

a few weekends ago rik and liz came over to the house {rik is another sigonella alum, those boys i tell ya! and liz and i hit it of immediately{back in july}...i think the hubbys are concerned with our almost every day communcaiton ! } to go to the pumpkin patch and then have dinner and hang out...

i think they are wondering why we girls like to "document our lives"...because we have to update the blogs duh! {and to have pictures for our kids, double duh} 

there were a lot of pumpkins this year with crazy big stumps for tops...what are those things called anyway??

here i am with my big pumpkin!

liz and i posing by the wall of hay...

i love how it was a genuine fall day outside and scott has on shorts and flip flops

our 4 pumpkins, plus we ended up buying a ton of little pumpkins and gourds for around the house

our second pumpkin patch adventure as a married couple

here we all are with our loot!

the apple crisp i made from scratch for dessert

if only the ice cream was home made!

Scott and I were so busy this year {mostly scott, finishing finals and getting ready for a trip for work} we didn't end up carving our pumpkins...

scott did give his monster pumpkin to our neighbor melanie who is in love with khloe...mine still sits on the door step untouched {i still want to scoop out the seeds to have pumpkin seeds to munch on...}


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