Monday, December 27, 2010

2600 bags of christmas cookies:{yeow that is a lot of cookies}

I spent from October to December 14th doing a cookie drive for our single sailors at NBVC
{as a part of the Navy Enlisted Spouses Club}.

We have about 1900 single sailors here at our base. I made it my mission to make sure we would have enough bags for EVERY SINGLE SAILOR at NBVC. 

After making such a bold statement I was a bit scared that we wouldn't have enough donations so I decided to go out to some community resources, aka grocery stores, to see if they would be willing to donate cookies.
 the answer i received was a big fat NO!

Edith, Liz and I spent a Saturday afternoon baking hundreds of cookies...literally we were baking for about 6 hours.

I felt a little defeated, I had put the word out through various outlets, but had no idea how many people were going to donate their time and money to make bags of cookies.

My marketing skills are legit! I had over 2600 bags of cookies!
{that is over 10,000 cookies}

It was such a great feeling to see that one person could make a difference.

I found my holiday spirit as i had tears in my eyes counting the bags with my husband late into the evening on December 13th.

{cookies being delivered through out the day}

{me surrounded by cookies!}

{we received about  200 more bags of cookies after the big count!}


Kelly said...

Wow!! What an accomplishment and for such a fantastic cause!! That is sad that grocery stores wouldn't donate... though the hearts and efforts of other volunteers are even more special!

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