Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm getting a little political...

{warning, i am kind of ranting...}

"The truth is that there is so much more that each of us can do -– and should do -– right in our own communities... Because it's not enough just to be proud. It's not enough just to feel grateful. It's time for each of us to act. It's time for each of us to be an architect of change for these families in whatever way that we can."

This a quote from First Lady, Michelle Obama, she spoke these words during a speech at a Women's Conference in Long Beach, Ca {Oct 25-27}. {Long Beach is roughly 90-100 miles south of Naval Base Ventura County}

The idea of these thoughts are great, but they are just that thoughts. Not actions. I struggle every day with the fact that I help sailors and their families with issues most will never have to deal with. Why? Because they make a decision to put their country and the orders of the President of the United States before themselves and their families.

While I respect the fact that President Obama is the Commander in Chief and therefore my husbands most ultimate boss I can't help but become angry sometimes. Not just a little annoyed I mean full on arms flailing-swear words flying-face heated-heartbeat racing angry. Why? Simple, because both the President and the First Lady have made several appearances in the last few months not only out to California but to the Los Angeles area. In fact the standby Air Force One lands here often, yet never does the President or the Frist Lady walk off that Air Force One.

President Obama made the decision to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan. In doing this the deployment schedule of many military servicemembers has changed so drastically that troops who landed back on US soil in February of this year are already headed back and it is only October. The rotation schedule has changed such that troops and sailors are home just long enough to get into a family routine only to turn back around and head to back to war.


I think many Americans have forgotten we have soldiers at war. Regardless of your thoughts on the war and if we should be there, there are young men and women who are "over there" doing their job. Every time a plane comes back with a soldier returning from war we should be thanking them. The entire community should be showing their gratitude. However, how can we expect our communities to do that when we are not seeing that done by our own Commander in Chief??

The Dallas Cowboys fly into Point Mugu every summer for training here in oxnard. Every year they make a point to fly in to our base to take a few moments to sign autographs and say thanks.

President Obama flies to LA for fancy dinners and yet he forgets to stop by and see the troops that are gearing up to be gone again for Halloween/thanksgiving/christmas/new years for the second year in a row.

The spouses of these soldiers are beyond resilient. They put many spouses and mothers to shame. They get up every day and continue to live their lives


Cherith Ann said...

This is a really good "rant." It is good for me to read things from your prospective.

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