Thursday, January 27, 2011

{new job} say hello to...

the newest Event Planner!

I have been dying to write this post, but I didn't want to jinx anything.

Right after the new year I interviewed for a position to be the Event Coordinator/Planner for the housing company at the Navy Base. In what ended up being the best interview I have ever done I got the job on the spot! {it is so true when they say you are your best when you are yourself. I didn't stress about the interview, i didn't practice what to say. I just went into the meeting with my head held high, ready to share my values, work ethic and desire to work with military families.}

I cannot tell you how exciting this new position is.  I have dreamed of a job like this for as long as I can remember. I get to go to work each day and plan events, fun events, all with my own ideas. I'm not the marketing assistant, it is all me! In fact my boss will be over 3 hours away.

What is even more exciting is this is exactly the type of job I was hoping to get one day far in the future, but instead it happened in 2011! The experience in this position will help me to develop the skills I need to run my own business as an event planner.  Scott and I want to start a family and I don't want to send our babies to daycare, but I also know I would go crazy being at home.  It is my dream to be able to work from home and have my own event planning/consulting business. This the step in that direction.  God is so good. He is always leading us in the right direction, sometimes well before we think he will.

{this would be a fab home office!}

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heart of Haiti {one year anniverary of Haiti earthquake}

It is hard to believe that one year ago the devastating earthquake hit Haiti {January 12, 2010}.

Heart of Haiti supports Haitian artisans and their families and
communities in the wake of last year's devastating earthquake.

Haitian artisans continue to turn raw materials like recycled oil drums, wrought iron, paper mache and stone into art that embodies their rich culture and history. These traditional, hand crafted treasures provide life saving income to the shattered communities they call home.

{how amazing is this bowl?!?! it would be beautiful on a coffee table...and is only **gasp** $16!}

you can see all of the amazing items for sale here 

All income derived from sales of the products on the Heart of Haiti site enhances an artisan’s family’s nutrition, educates children, and brings access to healthcare and dignity.

It is a win, win...add a pop of color to your home decor and help support a very worthy cause. The sale of these treasures provides life-saving income for these artisans.

I was selected for this very special “CleverHaiti” opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity. All opinions are my own.

Monday, January 10, 2011

weekend update {it's sew cool}

This weekend, much like last weekend was spent at home!
It feels so good to be relaxed and do things around are bursting at the seams home. {ok, maybe we aren't bursting at the seams but we could use a proper entry way, a larger kitchen and a 3rd bedroom...}

Scott and I went to a nice dinner on Thursday night to celebrate some new changes coming down the pipeline {hopefully I'll be able to share more news soon...}

Friday morning we had to empty out our pantry and kitchen cabinets in preparation to have the kitchen sprayed for pesky bugs {they are coming up the drain, so don't worry, our kitchen is dirty disaster}.

it ended up being very helpful in cleaning our the pantry and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. we got rid of 2 trash bags of crap and I have a bag of random items to go to a work project.

Saturday morning we headed to a new breakfast place and then our second target trip of the weekend. {target is like a black hole for your wallet, you go in for foil and trashbags and come out with 80 dollars worth of goods...i think i should buy stock in target!}
we came home with a new board game: scrabble!

Saturday afternoon i tackled a project i had been wanting to do for weeks...figure out how to use my sewing machine {get the title of the post now?! i crack myself up!}

it took me a few hours to completely figure out the machine {thank you youtube!} but once i did i was a sewing machine {get it, hahahahahahaha, im a regular laugh riot!}.  I made 3 pillowcase for a few of our random old throw pillows...

{they have a different fabric on the backside that all coordinate as well}

I am sew excited to use my new found favorite thing!

After running a few errands for Scott's trip to Norfolk we came home and played Scrabble.

So. Much. Fun!

one game took us 2 hours!

Scott left for LAX at 330am yesterday morning for a week at a conference in Norfolk.

after finally falling back asleep I went and had breakfast with Lizzie, bought some amazing fabrics at JoAnns and took Khloe on a walk.

{2 yards of each fabric...i have already started working on a project!}

{during khloe's was gorgeous out, about 50 degrees, sunny and just a little brisk}

Since Scott will be gone until early Saturday morning {read: flight arrives at 1am} and I don't have a thousand events in the evening it is the perfect time to use my 8 yards of fabric and create tons of fun & amazing things.

a perfect end to a relaxing weekend was to have a family conference call {read: a hysterically funny call } on skype with the whole family {san diego, washington and minnesota} I even called scott on speaker phone for a few minutes so we could be on the call as well.

happy  monday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

my hubby is pretty awesome {i love him so!}

I don't think I give the hubs enough praise for how awesome he is.

Remember he bought me the most amazing gift ever...the legen {wait for it...}dary Ipad!!

Christmas this year {as in years past} was amazing and the gifts were all a total surprise.

I have been talking about this mixer for years!

as you can see I was completely shocked!!

He also bought me this adorable desk calendar. It is by the museum of art and has pictures of old fabulous shoes, bags and hats! I love shoes, hats and any thing to wear on my head, I have also gotten really into older/vintage items. My husband knows me so well and is so thoughtful!

Because he is always thinking of me and obviously does pay attention to some of the things I say I wanted to do something special for him, I just didn't know what.

On Monday night in bed half asleep he asked me the when the next holiday was that he would be getting a gift {he asked like a little kid would before asking for a present, hehe} because he really wanted a kindle/nook.

quickly i made sure he just wanted an e-reader. he said yes, and then fell fast asleep.

Tuesday morning without a hesitation I got into work , clicked on and ordered him the bestest graphite 3g/wireless kindle.

You see, he is going to be spending one week every month between now and May in Norfolk for work and he is taking a literature class for school.  It just kind of made perfect sense. He has become addicted to reading and would never just buy himself something like this. 

It was the perfect opportunity for me to do something for him, just because. 

I had wanted to wait for it to arrive in the mail this weekend {in time for his trip to Norfolk on Sunday!} but I just couldn't wait to tell him... 

thanks booboo for being so thoughtful...i hope you love the kindle! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{a month of no shopping...}am i for real?

wow, the title of this blog scares me a bit!
it is on my 101 in 1001 go a month without buying clothes...
{shoes, bags, clothes are included, underwear and bras are not...i might need to purge and buy new soon, but I am going to try and get through January with the old stuff}

if you could see my closet you would see that going an entire month without buying an article of clothing is like not breathing!

I think January is the perfect time to make this challenge.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning out my inbox and unsubscribing to all those emails that clog my inbox every morning with all of their great "deals"! The funny thing is I never bought from them, but looking at them inspired me to shop more! {bad, i know, but hey the first step is to admit you have a problem!}

{no more of this!!!}
On a some what related note, remember my resolution for desk organization?

Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere had a great post about how she got her office de-cluttered and organized.

Thank goodness my January goal is to stop buying clothes! Office Depot is not banned!

Monday, January 3, 2011

{Gussy Sews} a christmas present to me

on cyber monday {you know the monday after thanksgiving} I woke up earlier than usual, all to get a deal!
you see I received an email from one of my favorite blogs, Gussy Sews , she was doing 30% in the early morning in celebration of cyber monday.

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

I had been longing for one of her damask ruffle laptop bags
{which also works to carry my ipad, accessories and a few odds and ends}

{luuuurve it!}

{contents: Ipad, pampered Chef catalogs, NESC banking file, wine tasting book, Ipad accessories, 2011 planner, and bag of things like tide pen, hair ties etc}
as you can see this little bag holds a lot.  and if i need to carry my laptop it is fully padded to do just that!

I might be a little obsessed with our gal Gussy {her real name isn't gussy, it is Maggie}.
I just love her blog, love her creations, love her puppy Bauer and love the fact that she quit her corporate America job to do her own thing!  

She lives in Minneapolis, so I'm pretty sure when I visit my parents this year I'll have to do a blog meet up!
{along with kelly !!}

Her first new product of 2011 is a kindle/nook/ipad case...i think that might be my next purchase
{a birthday gift to myself??!}

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year {1/1/11}

2011 is going to be a year of transition. 
 there are a lot of things scott and i will accomplish this year.
{instead of writing a 5 hours post about all of it i will share through out the year as we transition}
The beginning of the year will be extremely busy for scott.
The end of the year will bring us to a new duty station.
Lots of change in 2011.

{A few goals I have for 2011}

find out how to do this in our house! ok, so maybe I can't build this but i need to create a creative space in our house {and organized}.  since scott graduates in March i think we will have to re-evaluate the office :)

blog more. I know, seems like a weird goal. when i blog i really get into my creative side. Part of 2011 being a transition year means that i will be really looking at how to not work for corporate America anymore and some how work for myself. {this is a very huge dream and i don't expect it to happen in the next 365 days but i hope to really learn as much as I can about what i can do, what i am capable of and how to do it.}

I also made a big decision with the hubby's approval to attend the BlogHer '11 conference! It is in San Diego this year so it really was the best opportunity for me to attend something of this magnitude.

get back on track with weight watchers. I felt great about myself and was eating so much better.

i love this quote. i feel like i spend way too much time in life trying to give a reason for everything. I am going to really focus on doing things because I WANT TO, not being I think I should or I think someone wants me to.

learn how to sew! I have a machine and all the things I need. Part of learning how to sew and continuing to sew will also help me to learn to de-stress and make sure to do something for me more often.

scott and i have a lot going on.
our goal for each other this year is to be a better husband/wife.
he is my best friend and will always be by my side.
 I need to remember to support him more, criticize less and remember we will always
 have the support of one another. with that we can do anything!

all images from weheartit

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 {a review in photos}

2010 in review:


January was our first full month with Khloe. She was so tiny 12 months ago! only about 5lbs. She weights 20 now! We spent a weekend in SD watching our godsons so the parentals could have some adult time in sin city.  We are such good friends we insisted they still go to Vegas even after they closed on a house and had to live in a hotel for 2 weeks while they waited for the closing, but had already moved out of their apartment.  {we are the bestest friends because we watched the boys for 3 days in a one room hotel room...hello fun!}

Khloe was learning all the fun spots she wanted to sleep at in the house


In February Scott decided Khloe should go for her first swim. {I can't get over how tiny she is!}

We redecorated our official love affair with the color grey began!


March was a crazy month! my sisters bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding!
{let's let the pictures do the talking}


We started out the month of April in Vegas for a combo celebration of our 1st wedding anniversary and mine and the bff's birthday! Cheesecake factory {my favorite!} on my actual birthday, khloe's first hike and I ran my first half marathon!!


finalized all of our wedding planning. I went to Florida for a week for a work conference {I have yet to blog about this! wooopsie} had my bachelorette and bridal shower as well! {do you see a pattern here, every month seems to involve traveling and being busy}



Our BIG wedding! {courthouse wedding April 2009, big wedding June 2010}
we spent a week in SD and had a great time with family and friends at our wedding.
The weekend after our wedding we had my bff Kara's bridal shower wine tasting. The end of June had me on another plane to VEGAS for kara's bachelorette party!
{we also found out my sis was pregnant!}


July was bff kara's wedding! 3 weddings in 5 months, this year was crazy!
We also celebrated the 4th of july and scott's birthday.


took khloe to the beach for the first time. I started the Navy Enlisted Spouses Club, Edith, Liz and I read eat, pray, love as our first bookclub book. Scott and I took a day trip to santa barbara to visit the mission and crushcakes cupcakery!


from my photos it looks like September was pretty mellow. We went to SD for a weekend to hang with the aicher family and had a fantastic game night. so fantastic the cops were called!

another busy month, and more airplanes for me! We did the MCAS Miramar airshow and my sisters babyshower all in one weekend.  A few weekends later I went to Seattle to visit my sista. We also spent a weekend in Joshua Tree camping for kara's dirty thrity {30th birthday}.

our honeymoon in playa del carmen!


Spent our first Christmas morning just scott and I. it was also our first Christmas with Khloe!

In looking at all the Christmas photos i realized i don't have a picture of scott and i together on Christmas day

So much happened in 2010.  I have a feeling 2011 is going to be a big transition year for the Hatzungs!

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