Monday, January 3, 2011

{Gussy Sews} a christmas present to me

on cyber monday {you know the monday after thanksgiving} I woke up earlier than usual, all to get a deal!
you see I received an email from one of my favorite blogs, Gussy Sews , she was doing 30% in the early morning in celebration of cyber monday.

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

I had been longing for one of her damask ruffle laptop bags
{which also works to carry my ipad, accessories and a few odds and ends}

{luuuurve it!}

{contents: Ipad, pampered Chef catalogs, NESC banking file, wine tasting book, Ipad accessories, 2011 planner, and bag of things like tide pen, hair ties etc}
as you can see this little bag holds a lot.  and if i need to carry my laptop it is fully padded to do just that!

I might be a little obsessed with our gal Gussy {her real name isn't gussy, it is Maggie}.
I just love her blog, love her creations, love her puppy Bauer and love the fact that she quit her corporate America job to do her own thing!  

She lives in Minneapolis, so I'm pretty sure when I visit my parents this year I'll have to do a blog meet up!
{along with kelly !!}

Her first new product of 2011 is a kindle/nook/ipad case...i think that might be my next purchase
{a birthday gift to myself??!}


Gussy said...

hi jenelle -- thanks so much for this post and your purchase :] happy new year! xoxo

Kelly said...

WHAT a cute bag!! Love that it holds all of your FUN stuff! And yes we'll have to meet up! Just tell me when and where ;-)

Barbara Obrien said...

This is such a cute bag! So adorable!

ipad mini case

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