Thursday, January 6, 2011

my hubby is pretty awesome {i love him so!}

I don't think I give the hubs enough praise for how awesome he is.

Remember he bought me the most amazing gift ever...the legen {wait for it...}dary Ipad!!

Christmas this year {as in years past} was amazing and the gifts were all a total surprise.

I have been talking about this mixer for years!

as you can see I was completely shocked!!

He also bought me this adorable desk calendar. It is by the museum of art and has pictures of old fabulous shoes, bags and hats! I love shoes, hats and any thing to wear on my head, I have also gotten really into older/vintage items. My husband knows me so well and is so thoughtful!

Because he is always thinking of me and obviously does pay attention to some of the things I say I wanted to do something special for him, I just didn't know what.

On Monday night in bed half asleep he asked me the when the next holiday was that he would be getting a gift {he asked like a little kid would before asking for a present, hehe} because he really wanted a kindle/nook.

quickly i made sure he just wanted an e-reader. he said yes, and then fell fast asleep.

Tuesday morning without a hesitation I got into work , clicked on and ordered him the bestest graphite 3g/wireless kindle.

You see, he is going to be spending one week every month between now and May in Norfolk for work and he is taking a literature class for school.  It just kind of made perfect sense. He has become addicted to reading and would never just buy himself something like this. 

It was the perfect opportunity for me to do something for him, just because. 

I had wanted to wait for it to arrive in the mail this weekend {in time for his trip to Norfolk on Sunday!} but I just couldn't wait to tell him... 

thanks booboo for being so thoughtful...i hope you love the kindle! 


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