Monday, January 10, 2011

weekend update {it's sew cool}

This weekend, much like last weekend was spent at home!
It feels so good to be relaxed and do things around are bursting at the seams home. {ok, maybe we aren't bursting at the seams but we could use a proper entry way, a larger kitchen and a 3rd bedroom...}

Scott and I went to a nice dinner on Thursday night to celebrate some new changes coming down the pipeline {hopefully I'll be able to share more news soon...}

Friday morning we had to empty out our pantry and kitchen cabinets in preparation to have the kitchen sprayed for pesky bugs {they are coming up the drain, so don't worry, our kitchen is dirty disaster}.

it ended up being very helpful in cleaning our the pantry and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. we got rid of 2 trash bags of crap and I have a bag of random items to go to a work project.

Saturday morning we headed to a new breakfast place and then our second target trip of the weekend. {target is like a black hole for your wallet, you go in for foil and trashbags and come out with 80 dollars worth of goods...i think i should buy stock in target!}
we came home with a new board game: scrabble!

Saturday afternoon i tackled a project i had been wanting to do for weeks...figure out how to use my sewing machine {get the title of the post now?! i crack myself up!}

it took me a few hours to completely figure out the machine {thank you youtube!} but once i did i was a sewing machine {get it, hahahahahahaha, im a regular laugh riot!}.  I made 3 pillowcase for a few of our random old throw pillows...

{they have a different fabric on the backside that all coordinate as well}

I am sew excited to use my new found favorite thing!

After running a few errands for Scott's trip to Norfolk we came home and played Scrabble.

So. Much. Fun!

one game took us 2 hours!

Scott left for LAX at 330am yesterday morning for a week at a conference in Norfolk.

after finally falling back asleep I went and had breakfast with Lizzie, bought some amazing fabrics at JoAnns and took Khloe on a walk.

{2 yards of each fabric...i have already started working on a project!}

{during khloe's was gorgeous out, about 50 degrees, sunny and just a little brisk}

Since Scott will be gone until early Saturday morning {read: flight arrives at 1am} and I don't have a thousand events in the evening it is the perfect time to use my 8 yards of fabric and create tons of fun & amazing things.

a perfect end to a relaxing weekend was to have a family conference call {read: a hysterically funny call } on skype with the whole family {san diego, washington and minnesota} I even called scott on speaker phone for a few minutes so we could be on the call as well.

happy  monday!


lila Check said...

sounds like a new beginning to me!!! new year,cleaner house...less clutter...sound fab! I must do the day!

Kelly said...

Adorable pillows!! Way to go with figuring it all out :-D And it looks just GORGEOUS three. Sunny and 50 is right up my alley right about now... alas it's snowy and 10 ;-)

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