Friday, February 25, 2011

{we're movin' on up...}

to a three bedroom HOUSE!


If you read my blog or FB posts some what regularly you know that I have major issues with our shoe box apartment!

in a few short weeks that will all change!
 Scott and I have taken the plunge and decided to move into base housing.

Now that I am working on the other base as well we both commute 20 miles round trip to go to work. It just made more sense to live so close to work.

2011 is all about make decisions and choices that make us happy. 
This will make our lives much better for various reasons:

1. more space, probably almost double the square footage

2. 2 bathrooms, no more sharing a sardine can

3. 3 bedrooms, that means i get a crafting/blogging/office/myownspace!

4. a YARD for Khloe!

5. a kitchen that has more than 1.5 feet of counter space to cook on!

6. not sharing walls with anyone one

7. a laundry room!!!! {we also made a grown up buy this week and bought a front load washer and dryer!}

here is a picture of our cute new place...I'm already working on what I want my own little office space to look like :) check out the post next week :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{inspiration} what keeps me going...

i love looking at photographs, they give me so much inspiration.

it really is seeing the world through somebody else's eyes...sometimes that is exactly what you need, a different perspective...

i tell you, looking at yummy adorable cupcakes can always put me in a good mood. the hubby doesn't so much understand my love for cupcakes but they truly make me happy!

don't you just wanna pack your bag and go?!?

i love the attitude you can see in this photo...if you know me IRL {in real life} you know that i can have MAJOR attitude when needed {i decided when it is needed! ha}

stain glass is something else i could look at for hours. it is so gorgeous

i need to find this in poster form and order it stat! so true, everyone could use to read this everyday

this photo reminds me of my best gal pals. always having a great time and always looking classy doing it!

all images via weheartit

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{indie business3.0} i'm in!

i am so excited for the things i have signed up for in 2011.

first on the calendar is indie business 3.0

what is indie business 3.0?

Indie Business is an interactive and inspiring 6 week Online Class for women and men wanting to build an online or local creative business. {from ib 3.0}

we are going to learn how to start, survive and succeed with our small business {and it is also great if you are researching/preparing to start your own business, like me!}

the class begins in March so there is still time to sign up.  i am beyond excited to learn from

i have so many questions, ideas and thoughts. i think this is just what i need to organize them all and get advise on where the heck to begin {that is just one of about a billion questions i have}

this is going to be a life changing journey...i can't wait!

images via wehearit

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

an {amazing} wedding gift

A few weeks ago we received a wedding gift in the mail.

Yes, our wedding was last June, but the delay was my fault.

One of Scott's good friends, from his days on the USS Boxer, Jesse, flew out from Indiana to attend our wedding. He told us to send him a wedding picture once we got them.  Fast forward to Christmas and I finally managed to send him a few pictures. 

I had no idea what he was going to do with it.

He gave it to his father...words cannot describe how amazing this gift is...

here is the picture he used 

...and here is the gift he sent!

how amazing is this gift???

it is so crazy how much it looks just like the picture!

we need to get it professionally framed.

this will be on our wall forever! {once it is framed of course!}

Friday, February 11, 2011

{carnival themed party}

this gal is loooving the new job!

it really baffles my mind that i get paid to plan events.  i spend most of the day doing research on the computer, calling people and having fun!

i am working on a few smaller events, but my big project is a family day for june. i am working on coming up with a few different themes to present to my director.

my favorite is a carnival theme.  think more old school vintage carnival.

here are my inspiration pieces...

think face painting, clowns, caricatures, kite flying, carnival games, cotton candy, shave ice, hot dogs on a stick, churros, pretzels, picture booth with fun props like mustaches, candy apples, popcorn...

i love the idea of red and white stripes and turquoise...

images via google or wehearit

Monday, February 7, 2011

{a new addition...}

on friday morning I drove back home after a week of amazing training with my new team of event planners! {hello new and exciting world, I love it!}

once home scott and i grabbed lunch and headed out to go and get this...

{brand spankin' new 2011 Ford Edge}

{I'm so happy I'm glowing! hehe}

For the last 6 months or so we have known sometime in the near future it would be time to buy a new car for mama.  I also knew I wanted the Ford Edge. I am so glad we waited for the 2011 model. I like the dash features in the 2011 soooo much better than in the 2010!

We debated going used versus new.  We want this car to last for 10 years like my previous car {which i still love and we still have}. If we bought a 2007 or 2008 in 5 years we be right back to where we are now and a 2009 was almost the same price as brand new....thus the new car sitting in my driveway!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Colt Alan Fields has arrived! {2/2/2011}

After contractions since monday afternoon and being admitted this morning at 6am at 5:39 pm on 2/2/2011 my sister gave birth to a beautiful 8lb 5oz baby boy, Colt Alan. He was 20 inches long, a football player for sure! {my poor sister is a tiny 5 feet tall}

Ash did so great! She pushed for about an hour she said and it was all natural.
Not by choice! lol
Everything wore off by the time she had to push, rockstar much?!

I can't wait to go up to Washington to meet my nephew!

Love you Ash and John!

{don't you just want to cuddle him like crazy?!}
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