Friday, February 25, 2011

{we're movin' on up...}

to a three bedroom HOUSE!


If you read my blog or FB posts some what regularly you know that I have major issues with our shoe box apartment!

in a few short weeks that will all change!
 Scott and I have taken the plunge and decided to move into base housing.

Now that I am working on the other base as well we both commute 20 miles round trip to go to work. It just made more sense to live so close to work.

2011 is all about make decisions and choices that make us happy. 
This will make our lives much better for various reasons:

1. more space, probably almost double the square footage

2. 2 bathrooms, no more sharing a sardine can

3. 3 bedrooms, that means i get a crafting/blogging/office/myownspace!

4. a YARD for Khloe!

5. a kitchen that has more than 1.5 feet of counter space to cook on!

6. not sharing walls with anyone one

7. a laundry room!!!! {we also made a grown up buy this week and bought a front load washer and dryer!}

here is a picture of our cute new place...I'm already working on what I want my own little office space to look like :) check out the post next week :)


diarydays said...

Congratulations!! Looks great!


Kelly said...

Oooh! Congrats :-D I always wonder how people survive with one bathroom!! A crafting room and yard will be so fun! And I love your new haircut too!

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