Wednesday, April 20, 2011

birthday fun

 i swear to buddha there needs to be about 28 hours in a day, or 8 days a week. I'd be ok with either one as long we still only work 5 days and 8 hours a day.

friday was my birthday...the big 2-8...

i have to admit it was a little rough for me. not so much the turning 28 but the being away from my family and friends. while this is my second birthday in ventura for some reason this year it was rough.

every little thing made me cry, miss my family and friends.

the hubs did a great job of making it a wonderful day...

first he got up made me coffee and then insisted i sit out in the living room to read and drink my coffee while he prepared breakfast.

i was assuming he was doing pancakes and eggs. WRONG.

you see the night before he spent 1.5 hours shopping to get all the breakfast items. what i did not know was that he bought a waffle maker.

he made blueberry waffles and had strawberries, more blueberries, bananas, syrup and whipped cream all available for my waffle!

{how amazeballs does that look??}

i then got ready to go and and get a wonderful massage. after my body was relaxed i ran a few quick errands.

next on the birthday agenda was to go and lay out by the pool. {our base has a brand new community center which includes a pool.} it was 75 degrees out and for once not windy so perfect weather for the pool!

after relaxing pool side and more reading we had a late lunch of Pho {pronounced fuh, like is Vietnamese soup, i looooooooooooooooove it!}

after lunch it was time to get ready for book club.

the hubs was supposed to be gone until late friday night for his monthly work trip to Norfolk but because of the damn budget issues that almost had the government shut down on the 8th the trip was cancelled. because he was supposed to be gone i was hosting this months book club.

book club was super fun and laid back. we all did not like the book...haha, that has been the consensus lately...i don't think i am going to be reading the book for may, too much going on between now and the next book club.

and finally what did this gal get for her birthday?? a girls weekend to chicago!! YEOW! beyond excited.

my bff kar has to go to chicago for business for my other bff kate {kar's sister} and i decided we would tag along for a few days. I can't wait for a few days of girl time in the windy city!

stay tuned for our anniversary adventure...


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Happy belated birthday! I turn 28 in a few months but it's def the age that gets to me. I feel so old each year! Glad your husband was able to surprise you :)

have a blast on the girls' trip!

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