Tuesday, May 17, 2011

girls weekend {hello chicago: part I}

After six work events in three weeks I was in need of a mini vacation. About a month ago my BFF decided she was going to go Chicago for a few days when her sis went for work {conveniently my BFF's are sisters}. I immediately jumped on board, I knew I was going to need a getaway after my crazy events. The hubs so awesomely decided my birthday gift should be the trip, woohoo!

Saturday afternoon after my sixth event Scott and I jumped in the edge and headed to lax {I hate that it takes 1.5 hrs to go 40 miles to the airport in LA, damn traffic}

I had been to Chicago a few years ago for work and as a kid, so I was super excited for a girls weekend in the windy city. {the name was in true fashion as then winds were killer and cold!}

I arrived laaaaaate Saturday night, Kate and I got up early on Sunday to explore. We were staying in the financial district so out location was pretty close to lots of fun sites and stores!

We started the morning with a walk to millennium park. While the weather was cold on Monday and Tuesday it was gorgeous Sunday morning. We stripped off a few layers and took tons of pictures in front of the beautiful tulip gardens and trees that had begun to bloom.

{i loooove tulips, scott gets them for me every year on v-day}

We of course had to stop at the "bean". I know this is not the proper name for it but anyone who has been to Chicago or is from Chicago knows exactly what I am talking about. So much fun taking pictures of you reflection in the bean.

After the park we headed towards Navy pier. We walked along the water since the winds were on hiatus for a few hours. Along the ways we saw these adorable ducks in the water. {I always have to remind myself this is a lake and not the ocean, two very different bodies of water}

We walked all around navy pier, but did not do any of the rides. What can I say, I am a scardy pants, I did not wanna pee my pants on the ferris wheel and have to go back to the hotel to change, we would have lost valuable eating and shopping time!

{i loooove this pic of us!}

We had a drink and an appetizer to tide us over until we met up with Kara for lunch. Nothing like a strong drink at noon to remind you you're on vacation and can do whatever you want!

After some walking and window shopping we met up with Kara and headed to the cheesecake factory at the John Hancock building. A few glasses of wine and tons of appetizers later we ready for shopping on the magnificent mile! Shopping after having a few glasses of wine is an interesting experience. I did not do a lot of damage, I bought a few accessories and called it a day in the shopping department. A quick power nap at the hotel and we got ready for dinner in the windy city.

We decided on a tapas bar. Before dinner we did a bit of exploring on Rush street, which has a bunch of bars and restaurants. I am sure in the heat of summer on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night these places would be hoppin' but on a cold Sunday night it was a little dead. We headed back towards the tapas restaurant. On the way we stopped into a pub for a quick drink, hello cider! We got to the tapas place just in time, we had an hour before they closed.

We walked inside and this little hidden gem was hoppin'! Almost all the tables were full and the vibe was fun and yet a bit romantic {hey, we can have a little romance among BFF's, no??} a pitcher of sangria and we were ready to order. I looooove tapas because you get to try so many amazing dishes. We had dates wrapped in bacon with an ah-maz-ing dipping sauce. Yummy spicy potatoes, an amaze balls little opened face sandwich of manchago cheese and Spanish ham, omg, it was good! The risotto was beyond Delish! Crab stuffed mushrooms and for the life of me I can't remember the 6th dish we got. Regardless it was beyond amazing, the best food I've had in a long time! A perfect end to the night.


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Looks like you had an awesome time :)

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