Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My amazing husband {the newest First Class in the Navy!}

I was going to save this post until next week, since one of our wedding anniversaries is next Sunday, but in light of the amazing news we received yesterday I think I'll do it now :)

Yesterday, thanks to the wonderful world of social media
{so loving the Navy got on board with social media}
we found out bright and early at 6 am Scott advance to the next rank in the Navy!
Hello AS1 Hatzung, welcome to the world of being a First Class Petty Officer!

So proud of my husband.
His rate is very had to advance in and most that advance to
First Class in his rate to so around 11-13 years,
my bebe did it just after 8 years!

of course this wasn't just luck, this boy studies like the world is going to end
 {is that joke too soon after the whole rapture fiasco??}

He was in such a state of shock yesterday morning after seeing
 his name, he couldn't find his wallet, once he did he headed out the door
and realized he would need his keys in order to start his car and drive to work :)

I am so lucky to have married such a wonderful man:

he is my rock, my strength and the calm to my crazy...

the beginning of 2011 has been interesting to say the least, he has
 supported me in every decision i have made {more on this soon}...

he works so hard to advance and do better to take care of our little family

{how funny is it that as i write this post our wedding song comes on??!}
{I run to you by Lady Antebellum}

isn't he just so handsome in his blues {loooove that uniform}

i love this pic of him putting on my wedding band
{it has special meaning, and worthy of separate post :)}

how flipping awesome is this blue door???
thank you museum of man in SD for having such an amazing look

his kisses are always so passionate

a little old Hollywood look

so much happiness is captured in this photo

how amazing is this shot??
as we were headed back to jump into the limo our amaze-ball photographer
realized the hallway was empty and knew how much I looove arches so we
hurried to get the shot

I am so proud of my husband and so thankful God gave me such an amazing man!


Krystal. said...

Congrats to your hubby! That's awesome (:

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