Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what i wore wednesday {#5}

It's Wednesday, so you k now what that means, wiww!
pleated poppy


I had to take my work van to get the oil changed, it was overcast and chilly that morning plus I knew I'd be in starbucks for a bit and they are always on the chilly side
Sweater and top: forever21
Jeans: 7 for mankind, Macy's
{brand new because khloe chewed a hole in the crotch of my beloved 5 year old pair!}
sandals: target, last year

Wednesday evening we had a wedding to go to, they were getting re-married with a ceremony on their 5 year anniversary, hence it being on Wednesday

sweater: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Shoes: Dolce Vita from Target
Clutch: Coach, christmas gift a few years back from bff
bracelet, ring & earrings: forever21


I didn't like this outfit as much as I thought I would.
the pants were not the right choice
top: forever21
sweater and pants: GAP
belt: came with a shirt forever21
shoes: Dolce Vita for target


can you tell i found these shoes again and love them :)

Sweater: Target
shirt, scarf, belt, jeans: forever21
bracelet {see first pic}: from my mom from Hawaii
shoes: Dolce Vita for Target


shopping and pinkberry with Liz
{side note: I think I'm becoming a fro yo addict!}

Husband being creative with the photos

Sweater: GAP
Top: Nordstrom, b-day gift from bff
{my bff gets me a lot of good things!}
bra under shirt that looks like a tank: GAP
Jeans: Kohls, Lauren Conrad collection
Sandals: Target
Purse: thrifted

I love these pics the hubby took on Sunday

Top, bracelet and necklace: Forever21
{i have an obsession with stripes as of late}
Belt: Banana Republic
shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Hollister
Sunnies: little shop in pb, bought for groomsmen for our wedding


Sweater: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: Banana Republic
Sandals: GAP
Headband rellasbellas


Necklace rellasbellas
Sweater: Old Navy
Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Sandals: Target
Bracelet: little shop in Guam
Bag: thrifted
{love this bag, it is leather, I got it for 4 dollars and I'm pretty sure it is from Italy}

Have you checked out my big news??

p.s. this is my 200th post!

whimisical wedding weddnesday: week #1

I am so excited to start this series on my blog, whimsical wedding Wednesdays!

I realized I never really shared all of the wonderful wedding pictures our photographer took, as well as the details.

This series will give lots of great ideas and tips for planning your wedding, and wedding related events!

My bestie, Kara will be adding her wedding wisdom to this series as well, she got married last year and recently opened an etsy shop selling the most gorgeous wedding accessories. She and I planned our weddings around the same time and just as we like to joke that our personalities are yin and yang so were our weddings! It was so fun to see how different they both turned out but we both wanted to have a gorgeous wedding that looked way more expensive than it actually was!

Both Kara and I are lucky to be very decisive when it comes to making decisions, including our wedding details. We had an idea and then BAM! it was in our wedding plan. Not everyone is as quick to pull the trigger and the details of your wedding can sometimes be overwhelming. This series is meant to help spark ideas and also help get all the ideas floating around in your head into a more cohesive vision.

This week I am going to share with you the vision I had for my wedding.

Theme: hint of old Hollywood

Colors: black and white with pops of bright pink and Tiffany blue

I love the black and white look and I also love Pink! I didn’t want to torture my husband and the groomsmen by wearing tons of pink so I added the Tiffany blue color and loved the 4 color combo.

The guys wore black tuxedos, white shirts, Tiffany blue vents and bow ties and their boutonniere was the pop of pink.

I simply adore the strong black and white with the pops of bright pink and Tiffany blue.

I bridesmaids wore black strapless dresses and carried white hydrangea bouquets, simple and elegant. Their jewelry was pearls. This look added a little bit of old Hollywood.

I bought oversized Jackie-O sunglasses at Forever21 for a few of the photos as well as parasols from the knot. They added just the right amount of whimsy and fun to a few of the shots!

Monday, June 27, 2011

change is a comin'...

big news bloggy friends.

huge news, actually.

July 15th will be my last day of work!

The last few months have been a roller coaster ride for this girl {and hubby too}. While Scott and I have grown so much closer from it all ,to say that things have been calm and mellow would be like saying the the sky is green, a big fat big lie!!

While I am not ready to share of the details that lead to this decision the hubs and I prayed and discussed me quiting my job and back in May decided to do it. {so as you can see this was not a quick decision.}

Financially it will change a lot of things, but we know we can do it, and we think it is the best decision for our little family.

I am so excited to get to work on all my creative endeavors. I by no means expect to make a killing from rellasbellas but i really want to focus my energy into something that is completely my own. The hubs has been beyond supportive, {he found a masters program for entrepenureal {is that even a word??} education, i told him i thought it was a bit premature, hehe}.

I really want to spend the last 6 months of Scott's tour on shore duty spending as much time as i can with him. The first two years of our marriage were very much controlled by work, his school and many of his out of town work activities.

Plus with the possibility of going overseas at the end of the year I want to be sure to make time to see the family, I have a trip to Minnesota to see the 'rents in mid August and we have a week long trip to Washington to see ash, john and finally meet baby colt!

Come the end of this year Scott will be headed back to a ship {which ship and where, we have no clue yet, fun!} and that will mean 6-9 month deployments, work ups and all kinds of fun things. I really want us to get to spend time together now and grow as a couple to make sure the foundation for our marriage is as strong as it can be before we spend many months of the next few years apart.

This is huge decision and while I do get a bit of anxiety everyone once and while I know in my heart this is the right thing for us to do.

a new chapter is soon approaching and I'm ready!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

inspiration workshop {week #4}: a day at the zoo

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I am so excited to be linking up with Gussy's Inspiration workshop!
What is the inspiration workshop??
Glad you asked! Gussy dreamed up this wonderful idea, to share what gives us inspiration.

Each Friday she will email out a prompt for the next Thursday.

"Using the prompt {remember they’ll be sent out on Fridays}, snap a photo or find a photo online {be sure to give proper photo credit} of your interpretation of the prompt. Share the photo(s) you find through a post on your blog on Thursday, and come back to my blog to link-up. {You’ll receive the prompt for your post the Friday before.} Please link posts appropriate with that week’s prompt. You can use text to describe it, or just let the photo tell the story ~ it’s up to you"

This weeks prompt was "spend the day playing"

Scott and I work very hard {I think the hubs works way harder than I do}

We make it a point to spend time getting away from it all and "playing".

There are times where we have so much going on we don't get to go on an adventure for a while, but this past weekend we headed North about 30 miles and went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, visited my old college campus UCSB, had tapas and pinkberry!
{and of course a wee bit of thrifting}

It was a great little afternoon getaway.

Plus before we even left we spent the morning lounging around reading and the hubby made yummy blueberry pancakes.

While the SB zoo is not nearly as large and amazing as the world famous san diego zoo, it was still fun.

{the pretty flamingos, i believe they were Chilean}

{hehe, the hubs}

{baby giraffe, so cute, giraffes are my fav, along with monkeys}

{this is where i spend many a sunny day studying on campus}

I did not graduate from UCSB, I instead transferred to UCR, but I wouldn't trade anything for my first 2 years at UCSB!

I love going up to santa barbara for the day with Scott, we always feel like we are getting away, we get to catch up, talk about silly random things and fall more in love with each other.

A more long term goal is for Scott and I to take more out of town big trips together.

We went to Playa del Carmen last November for our belated honeymoon. It was by far the most relaxing time Scott and I have had together. It was so nice to not worry about a thing.

eat, swim, drink, swim, read, and repeat!

I think it is very important for all couples to spend time away for the hustle and bustle and reconnect.

thanks gussy for another week of amazing inspiration!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

what i wore wednesday {#4}

Another week linking up with

pleated poppy

Since I started linking up a few weeks ago I have been pulling out more items from my closet because I don't want to post the same outfits over and over!

Surprisingly it hasn't caused me to go out and do more shopping!
{I'm going to have to cut back on the shopping soon, come back for a big announcement on the blog}

The sun has made an appearance the last few days before 7pm, maybe summer is soon to come for southern california...maybe


I wanted to wear a dress but with it still being in the low 60s most of the day and slightly windy I added the boots for a little more warmth
{my head is slightly chopped off but I liked the way the dress was flaring out}

Sweater: Ann Taylor
Dress: H&M
Boots: Kohls
Socks: Target
Bracelets: Forever 21
Necklace: my shop rellasbellas


I don't know how much I like this outfit now that I take a closer look at the pics.

Sweater and top: Banana Republic outlet
skinny jeans and gray bracelets: Forever 21
Flats: nine west, Macys
Headband: my shop rellasbellas

Saturday we headed up to Santa Barbara to go to the Zoo and then state street
{come back later this week for a post all about it}

Love this outfit I put together!

Shirt: bought on honeymoon in playa del carmen Mexico
Sweater: banana replublic outlet
belt: came with a shirt from forever21
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
sandals: Target
Bag: Gussy Sews
Headband: my shop rellasbellas


Farmers market, grocery shopping with hubby then  pedicures, tapas, wine a ice cream with liz

score found this dress and bag at Crossroads {thrift/second hand store} in Santa Barbara, 6 bucks each!
{the dress is a an anthropologie dress, double score!}

hat: gift from bff
sweater: target
belt: forever21 {came with shirt}
leggings: shop in pacific beach
sandals: gap {they are leather and were 4 dollars!}
dress and rafe purse: Crossroads SB


Sweater: Ann Taylor
Shirt, tank and pants: Forever 21
Purse: Crossroads SB
Sandals: Steve Madden


Sweater: Target
Shirt: Forever 21 {this is the shirt that came with the belt in pics above}
Belt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Kohls
Sandals: Target
headband: my shop rellasbellas

love these sandals, so fun!

yesterday was the first day of summer and it was gorgeous out in the afternoon.
{no clouds in the sky not cold but not hot}

the hubs and i decided to head to the pool after work {it is 3 minutes walking distance from our house}

Shirt and belt: forever21 {same shirt I wore earlier in the day}
shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Hollister {like 7 years old}
Hat: Target
Shades: prescription Kate Spade

Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to {yes, on a Wednesday night, kinda strange} and I have the cutest summery dress to wear!
I think I might also wear it to our concert in July

Friday, June 17, 2011

a family picnic {or why we went into LA to hike}

A few sundays ago it was an wedding anniversary {not be confused with the day we actually became husband and wife}June 5th.

Of course the Navy would have scott spending the day flying across the country for a week of schooling in Norfolk.

So we spend last saturday having a little day of celebration.

On friday i headed to trader joes {looooove} to pick up items for a picnic.

saturday morning we got up, packed up the car and, pit stop at starbucks and then headed into LA to go hiking.

Strange, no? Going into a major city to go hiking? Well in LA there is the fabulous Griffith Park,
 {you know the greek theatre, observatory, very famous places}

{all of our gear, camelback, cute cooler bag from target {9bucks} and a awesome cooler/bag from work}

{he was taking for ever to snap the picture!}
this shirt says "out of control"
a phrase me and the bff's use all the time and something scott tells me I am on a regular basis!

{I'm pretty sure scott has his eyes closed here, but such a cute pic}

The weather was good and bad. It was in the low 60s and drizzling, perfect cool weather to hike in, but it was also foggy, so when we got to the top we saw no view...

{our picnic after the hike, gotta love trader joes}

{i love when khloe sits side saddle, such a lover}

{sparkling lemonade with raspberries}

Super excited to head back to Griffith Park the end of July to see Sugarland at the Greek theatre!
{an anniversary gift from the hubs!}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

inspiration workshop {week #3 Green}

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I am so excited to be a part of Gussy's Inspiration workshop! 
What is the inspiration workshop??
Glad you asked! Gussy dreamed up this wonderful idea, to share what gives us inspiration. Each Friday she will email out a prompt for the next Thursday.

"Using the prompt {remember they’ll be sent out on Fridays}, snap a photo or find a photo online {be sure to give proper photo credit} of your interpretation of the prompt. Share the photo(s) you find through a post on your blog on Thursday, and come back to my blog to link-up. {You’ll receive the prompt for your post the Friday before.} Please link posts appropriate with that week’s prompt. You can use text to describe it, or just let the photo tell the story ~ it’s up to you"

Isn't that super fun???

This weeks prompt is Green. what ever makes you think green, the color or the reduce, reuse, recycle "green"

{hehe, I didn't plan it but today i am wearing green :)}

I have been wanting to buy a cute coffee cozy cover from etsy for months.

they are just beyond adorable and well a know I am an addict lover of a great cup of coffee.

Part of what I love about getting coffee is carrying my little paper cup, not the "greenest" love, buuuuuuuuut if I get a coffee cozy then I won't need to get a sleeve {or a double cup when i get tea}.

I finally ordered one yesterday, this baby right here:

this one i might have to order for a friend in washington, i think she'd get such a kick out of this
{and we all know washingtonians love coffee!}
{bonus, a lime green!}

the hubby is also a coffee addict!

this one would be perfect for him...

found here

he has become quite the geek lately.

he works with numbers, standard deviation, graphs etc all day...

thanks to Gussy for another week of inspiration workshop!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

what i wore wednesday {#3}

Another week linking up with

pleated poppy

first of all I have to say, mother nature, please oh please spare us the 50 degree weather in June!

yes, i have lived in CA for a good majority of my life and am fully familiar with June gloom, but could you help a sista out and at least make it a bit warmer during those gloomy days??

just sayin'


I had an event, which means I needed to add a red shirt to this outfit later in the day

sweater, pants, and bag: forever21
plaid sneaks: target
tank: h&m

i am so loving the nautical look this summer!

earrings and necklace: forever 21

I was pretty exhausted from my event the night before, so i went a bit more comfy casual

gotta have my gussy bag, so perfect to carry my millions of things

tank, sweater, necklace: forever 21
jeans and bracelet: kohls {jeans are the lauren conrad collection, hehe}
shoes: thrifted
headband: me, rellasbellas


saturday morning we went hiking in Griffith Park in LA,
 it was super over cast and foggy, but great hiking weather

pink tank and green tank: forever 21
gym leggings: target
hoodie: jcrew
hat: h&m
sneaks: my fav, nike free's

Saturday evening we went to dinner and a movie, bridesmaids was hilarious!!
we went to a 10:10 movie, which means we were driving home after midnight, it was so late for us!

not the best pick but cute outfit, dont you think?

Sweater: target {i wore this sweater at my bridal shower last year}
dress and skinny jeans: forever 21 {i wore this dress to my sis's bridal shower last year, hehe}
belt and shoes: gap

we had an end of year spouses club beach bbq
I'm on the end left in case you can't find me
hat: gifted from bff
sweater and belt: gap
white dress: old navy
skinny jeans: forever 21
sandals: target

after the bbq we went to the pool with some friends and then i ran a few errands and threw on this outfit

belt and sweater: gap
dress: old navy
skinny jeans: forever21
flats: target

earrings: forever21
i love these earrings, they look and feel way more expensive than forever 21

Tuesday night

I didn't get any other shots of this outfit, so don't mind the unmade bed and crazy looking room

we were off to a quick ceremony where Scott got an award for all his work at the local elementary school this year

afterwards we went to get pho for dinner, i was officially deemed a regular by the family that runs the restaurant!

sweater, belt and flats: gap
dress and skinny jeans: forever 21

if the weather would ever warm up i would have a lot more outfits to wear!

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