Friday, June 17, 2011

a family picnic {or why we went into LA to hike}

A few sundays ago it was an wedding anniversary {not be confused with the day we actually became husband and wife}June 5th.

Of course the Navy would have scott spending the day flying across the country for a week of schooling in Norfolk.

So we spend last saturday having a little day of celebration.

On friday i headed to trader joes {looooove} to pick up items for a picnic.

saturday morning we got up, packed up the car and, pit stop at starbucks and then headed into LA to go hiking.

Strange, no? Going into a major city to go hiking? Well in LA there is the fabulous Griffith Park,
 {you know the greek theatre, observatory, very famous places}

{all of our gear, camelback, cute cooler bag from target {9bucks} and a awesome cooler/bag from work}

{he was taking for ever to snap the picture!}
this shirt says "out of control"
a phrase me and the bff's use all the time and something scott tells me I am on a regular basis!

{I'm pretty sure scott has his eyes closed here, but such a cute pic}

The weather was good and bad. It was in the low 60s and drizzling, perfect cool weather to hike in, but it was also foggy, so when we got to the top we saw no view...

{our picnic after the hike, gotta love trader joes}

{i love when khloe sits side saddle, such a lover}

{sparkling lemonade with raspberries}

Super excited to head back to Griffith Park the end of July to see Sugarland at the Greek theatre!
{an anniversary gift from the hubs!}


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