Thursday, June 16, 2011

inspiration workshop {week #3 Green}

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I am so excited to be a part of Gussy's Inspiration workshop! 
What is the inspiration workshop??
Glad you asked! Gussy dreamed up this wonderful idea, to share what gives us inspiration. Each Friday she will email out a prompt for the next Thursday.

"Using the prompt {remember they’ll be sent out on Fridays}, snap a photo or find a photo online {be sure to give proper photo credit} of your interpretation of the prompt. Share the photo(s) you find through a post on your blog on Thursday, and come back to my blog to link-up. {You’ll receive the prompt for your post the Friday before.} Please link posts appropriate with that week’s prompt. You can use text to describe it, or just let the photo tell the story ~ it’s up to you"

Isn't that super fun???

This weeks prompt is Green. what ever makes you think green, the color or the reduce, reuse, recycle "green"

{hehe, I didn't plan it but today i am wearing green :)}

I have been wanting to buy a cute coffee cozy cover from etsy for months.

they are just beyond adorable and well a know I am an addict lover of a great cup of coffee.

Part of what I love about getting coffee is carrying my little paper cup, not the "greenest" love, buuuuuuuuut if I get a coffee cozy then I won't need to get a sleeve {or a double cup when i get tea}.

I finally ordered one yesterday, this baby right here:

this one i might have to order for a friend in washington, i think she'd get such a kick out of this
{and we all know washingtonians love coffee!}
{bonus, a lime green!}

the hubby is also a coffee addict!

this one would be perfect for him...

found here

he has become quite the geek lately.

he works with numbers, standard deviation, graphs etc all day...

thanks to Gussy for another week of inspiration workshop!


Earl-Leigh said...

I lurve a cute coffee cozy...they rock my caffeinated world! New follower.

Kelly said...

the coffee sweater is Hi-larious!

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