Thursday, June 23, 2011

inspiration workshop {week #4}: a day at the zoo

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I am so excited to be linking up with Gussy's Inspiration workshop!
What is the inspiration workshop??
Glad you asked! Gussy dreamed up this wonderful idea, to share what gives us inspiration.

Each Friday she will email out a prompt for the next Thursday.

"Using the prompt {remember they’ll be sent out on Fridays}, snap a photo or find a photo online {be sure to give proper photo credit} of your interpretation of the prompt. Share the photo(s) you find through a post on your blog on Thursday, and come back to my blog to link-up. {You’ll receive the prompt for your post the Friday before.} Please link posts appropriate with that week’s prompt. You can use text to describe it, or just let the photo tell the story ~ it’s up to you"

This weeks prompt was "spend the day playing"

Scott and I work very hard {I think the hubs works way harder than I do}

We make it a point to spend time getting away from it all and "playing".

There are times where we have so much going on we don't get to go on an adventure for a while, but this past weekend we headed North about 30 miles and went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, visited my old college campus UCSB, had tapas and pinkberry!
{and of course a wee bit of thrifting}

It was a great little afternoon getaway.

Plus before we even left we spent the morning lounging around reading and the hubby made yummy blueberry pancakes.

While the SB zoo is not nearly as large and amazing as the world famous san diego zoo, it was still fun.

{the pretty flamingos, i believe they were Chilean}

{hehe, the hubs}

{baby giraffe, so cute, giraffes are my fav, along with monkeys}

{this is where i spend many a sunny day studying on campus}

I did not graduate from UCSB, I instead transferred to UCR, but I wouldn't trade anything for my first 2 years at UCSB!

I love going up to santa barbara for the day with Scott, we always feel like we are getting away, we get to catch up, talk about silly random things and fall more in love with each other.

A more long term goal is for Scott and I to take more out of town big trips together.

We went to Playa del Carmen last November for our belated honeymoon. It was by far the most relaxing time Scott and I have had together. It was so nice to not worry about a thing.

eat, swim, drink, swim, read, and repeat!

I think it is very important for all couples to spend time away for the hustle and bustle and reconnect.

thanks gussy for another week of amazing inspiration!


Suzzie V said...

I love your inspiration post. So true that getting away is so nice!

Claire said...

love the zoo! and love that you spent some time with your hubby. it's so very important to do that and even more so after you have kiddos! i got lucky and was able to see two movies with the hubby this weekend! first time we saw a movie since last year i think!

i think i'm following you now. for some reason my blogger "friends" isn't showing up on my or anyone else's blog but i tried to do it through my dashboard. lemme know if it's not working. have a happy monday!

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