Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what i wore wednesday {#2}

First of all, how much do you love the new blog design??

I am truly smitten, love Ahoy Graphics so much for the awesome new makeover!

on to what i wore wednesday!

The end of last week was madness, I had a carnival themed event last Saturday so i pretty much wore crap on Thursday and Friday because I was doing things like painting and lifting.

Sunday the hubs left for Norfolk, I think I got dressed at 1pm or so, i threw on a maxi dress, but did not snap any pics...

the pics are not that great this week, with no hubby i was forced to set them on various garbage cans and use the self timer...


the sun was out but it was about 55 degrees at 8 am, ummm hello, isn't it supposed to be warm??

can we all just ignore my hair, this is day three without washing it and it just looks horrific...
{im one of those gals that does not wash my hair regularly, baby powder and dry shampoo are my bff's, but today was not a good hair day, AT ALL!}

love these orange flats! 15 bucks at a consignment shop in santa monica.
15 bucks for leather nine west flats, yes please!

Scarf-christmas gift from mom a few years ago-Target
Shirt-gift from bff-Nordstrom
Jacket-Isacc Mizrahi line from target a few years back, got it on clearance for $12
Jeans and Earrings-Forever21

i was inspired by all the pics of seen on pinterest with skinny jeans, flats and blazers

much warmer!
love the mix of pattern: stripes and a floral print, yes please!
Sweater and Skirt-Ann Taylor
{got both a few years ago, but at different times, yet the greens are a perfect match!}
Necklace-handmade by me: Rellas Bellas
Not sure if you can see the jewelry, but Forver21

if you zoom in you can see the killer kitten heels, loooove!
got these a few years ago from TJMaxx, in this cognac color as well as in a black

Last Night I went to dinner and pinkberry with my friend Liz
since the navy sent both of our husbands out of state for a while
kept the shirt and sweater combo on
Belt-Banana Republic outlet
Necklace-Me: Rellas Bellas
Hat: birthday gift from the bff

I wore this shoes last night to dinner and in the outfit below, which is today!
Shoes-Target, so awesome, 9 bucks a few years back!


As you can see the sun is not out today, overcast and a bit cold
shirt, necklace, jeans, and earrings-Forever21
belt-banana republic outlet
flower clipped on necklace-me: rellas bellas

I have been trying to photograph for my etsy shop rellasbellas and I just don't like any of the shots...I have a basic point and shoot digital camera, no fancy dslr...i need to find some picture takin' tutorials asap!


{april kennedy} said...

love love love the stripes with the florals and the color combo! and those orange shoes are pretty cute too.

Chanse and Janell said...

Hey cute lady with the same name!! : )
Loving all of your cute colorful outfits!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

love your shoes! i have tried the timer-thing, but end up frustrated! your shots look nice, though!


Jodi said...

Very cute! I love the color of the last sweater!


Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh, I just love your style!!!

You really have awesome shoes and that Ann Taylor skirt is so very perfect.

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