Thursday, July 28, 2011

inspiration workshop {the beach}

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I am so excited to be a part of Gussy's Inspiration workshop! 
What is the inspiration workshop??
Glad you asked! Gussy dreamed up this wonderful idea, to share what gives us inspiration. Each Friday she will email out a prompt for the next Thursday.
This weeks topic is the beach!

I love the beach, the beach is my home, the beach is my place to get away, my comfort and my fun.

Growing up in the Navy you are always near the ocean, thus I have been a water/beach baby since I was a youngin'.

Growing up in Hawaii and San Diego we were always at the beach, ALWAYS!

This time two years ago I was visiting my parents in Guam. I had such a great time spending 2 weeks with just them. We went to beach every day.

with beaches like this how could you not??

Guam July 2009

Guam July 2009

We took a belated honeymoon to the Mexican Riviera {playa del carmen} last November.
It was ah-maz-ing!

We went to the beach, read, had fruity drinks, went to the pool and repeat. All for 7 glorious days.

It was just what scott and I needed to get back to a happy place. We both go 1000 miles a minute and so having a relaxing beach vacation was just what we needed.

Mexico November 2010

Of course our fur baby loves the beach too!

Khloe June 2011

Scott and I have been talking about making an investment in a cabin on a lake. It isn't something we can do tomorrow, but since we are going to be moving every few years with the Navy we think a lake house will be a great investment and then we can go and visit whenever we want and be on an instant beach vacation {it is weird for me to call a lake the beach, just sayin'}


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