Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blogher11: meeting wonderful gals & what I learned {part 1}

wow, blogher was weeks ago and I am just getting around to writing a post, good golly mrs. molly, I have been a travelling bee these last 6 weeks. The fun hasn't stopped either, we leave tomorrow for a roadtrip to the great state of Washington to finally meet my nephew Colt!

ok, back on track, blogher.

I was a blogher newbie. I went to the conference without knowing a single person IRL {in real life}. I was scared poopless as I drove down to san diego thursday morning. Luckily I had an appointment with the best hair gal ever {anyone in SD need a hair gal let me know, Yvette will rock your world!}. She gave me a sassy new cut and it was just what I needed to get my confidence going.

After gettin my hair did I headed to the CC {convention center} to pick up my swag bag and check everything out. I didn't stay at the host hotel, but decided to pop in to get a feel of the energy for the weekend.  This proved to be one of the best decisions all weekend! I ended up getting in line for starbucks, started talking to Jessica and then tada, I had my first blogher friend! we ended meeting up for meals and all that other fun stuff, sparklecorn, going to the queen bee market and hitting the expo hall for goodies! Thank gosh I decided to give into my addiction {starbucks} or I never would have met such a wonderful gal!

Jessica started blogging when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. On January 24, 2009 Jessica's mom, Rose, lost her battle with cancer.

Jessica has started a 5k run in honor of her mother The Rose Run
{me and Jessica}

At the newbie breakfast on Friday morning we met Rici, she is the cutest pregnant girl you will ever meet. She flew all the way from North Carolina 30 weeks prego for the conference!

{Jessica, Rici and me}

We did not call, text or tweet each other to wear stripes but clearly we three love stripes!

In case you were wondering what kind of fun and fantastic things we bloggers do when we all get together, I have one word:


Yup! There was a flash mob {named Operation Glory} to Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory

It was glorious! hehe

{Operation Glory}

A few things that I learned at Blogher:

  1. Stay at the host hotel. I stayed over on Coronado because I got a room on base for 2 nights for less than half of one nights stay at the host hotel.  Seeing that I grew up in SD I knew I could handle it. But if I go next year in NYC I will for sure be staying at the host hotel!
  2. There are so many different people attending blogher! Not everyone is an "A-list" super famous blogger. Don't be shy about promoting your blog, what you are passionate about and what you believe in!
  3. There are a few different reasons people go to blogher: 1. the free swag, 2. time away from babies to party, 3. to take every session they possibly can 4. those trying to network, with companies and or other bloggers. I was #4. I did get free swag but didn't feel the need to get EVERYTHING. I have no babies to need to get away from. When gals looked at me like I was crazy because I didn't need to have drinks flowing at the party or stay out until 1am I simply said "all my mommy friends tell me to enjoy my time to sleep, so I am going to enjoy sleep tonight" hehe.  I think the best thing blogher gave me was a connection to other bloggers. I met some amazing women and I know I will be in touch with many of them for many many years {I have another post about the amazing milspouse bloggers I met!}
  4. Bring a variety of outfits. I know they say pack light, but a girl needs options! {Since I drove down I brought a variety of outfits and was very happy with what I had to wear.}
  5. If you are new to blogher or any blogging conference don't go into it with any expectations. I made sure to go into blogher with an open mind. I think I was able to do just that.
  6. Don't get wrapped up in going to all the private non-official blogher parties. They can seem like high school all over again.
  7. Go to mixers! I went to a LuLu's mixer and a FitBottoms Girls mixer and had a great time. Nice small setting, and I met some great gals!
Ok, I think I have rambled on about blogher 11 for one post. {a few more posts in the future!}


Kelley said...

This is a really great post. I was nodding in agreement throughout the whole thing lol. Your haircut did look pretty amazing. :) and I LOVE your comment: "all my mommy friends tell me to enjoy my time to sleep". I don't drink a lot anyways, so I'm definitely going to use this line in the future. :) So glad we met!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I wish I would have went but it was on my birthday and I didn't know about it until it was too late :( Darn and next year it's in NYC?

Glad you had fun! That's awesome that you met great ladies. Jessica sounds like such an inspiration!

Rici said...

Love it! I'm so glad to have met you!!! Sending you hugs from NC!

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