Thursday, August 4, 2011

inspiration workshop {my day}

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I am so excited to be a part of Gussy's Inspiration workshop! 
What is the inspiration workshop??
Glad you asked! Gussy dreamed up this wonderful idea, to share what gives us inspiration.

Today the prompt is your day.

On monday I was snapping pictures left and right with my iphone to capture what I do in a day.

This post would have been a whole lot different a month ago, but since I recently quit  my job my days are all mine and much more productive.

On monday I woke up just before 8am, to shower, eat breakfast and get ready for a skype call with the wonderful Erin who is soon to be opening up her own coaching business.

{notes for my skpye call}

It was a fantastic conversation with Erin, I walked away re energized!

After the call ended I loaded Khloe up in the car to take her to get her hair did {the groomers}.

After I dropped her off I hit up the thrift store on base, I probably spent about an hour there. You really have to search every nook and cranny to find a good deal.

{i tried their new drink, forget the name but super good!}

After the TS I headed to starbucks to get a little work done before it was time to pick up khloe.

I was able to get my thoughts organized for the week and think more about what Erin said on our call.

{I love that they put bows in her hair}

Picked up my fur baby and headed home!


Late lunch at home of fruit salad, goat cheese and crackers!

{reviewed my purchases}

Scored some great stuff at the TS for $7.75, An Express velvet jacket, cashmere sweater, white cardigan, 2 belts and a vintage leather clutch!

{will be in the shop soon}

I spent about an hour before making dinner working on some items for my shop!

{love the veggie medley i've been making}

Dinner was spicy potato wedges, veggie medley and yellow curry chicken!


After dinner I spent a few minutes getting my clothes together for the Blogher conference this weekend!

funny, I didn't get any pics of Scott, that boy is busy! He works from 6:30am to 5:15 pm every day! We did spend the evening together watching tv :)

Because I ran around so much on monday i spent a good portion of tuesday cleaning the house, hehe.


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