Monday, August 1, 2011

sara bareilles, sugarland & the sound of music {oh my!}

Last week we went to a concert and saw a play!

Scott bought us tickets for our 2nd wedding anniversary to see Sugarland at the Greek Theatre in LA.

The opening singer for Sugarland was Sara Bareilles!

{bad iphone pic, sorry folks}

{rockin my cowboy boots}

It was a beyond amazing night! We had so much fun.

Sara Bareilles was AH-MAZ-ING! like whoa! she rocked my cowboy boots off.

That girl is beyond talented and funny to boot.

She has such an amazing voice, her songs are soulful and she can play the piano and guitar, wowza.

{got my beer just before the concert began}

Sugarland was so beyond words! i love love loved it!

Their  music moves my heart.

The crowd at the concert was also amazing, not too country bumpkin and not too old and stuffy, just right!

The weather was perfect, I brought a jean jacket and never even thought to put it on.

The Greek Theatre is nestled in a mountain and has such a great vibe to it.

I would love to go and see another concert there.

Scott got us amazing seats, not super close to be annoyed by all the people standing but not to far away that everyone on stage looked like ants.

The set for Sugarland was beyond words.

 I can't get over how into the show the crowd got.

Saturday night we went to the Civic Theatre in Thousand Oaks to see The Sound of Music the Musical.

So much fun! We were lucky to have gone for free. The theatre gives free tickets to active duty military members and their families. Our friends Rik and Liz went with us.

Funny story about getting Rik on board to go. Scott mentioned it to Rik early in the week and he was down to go.

I mentioned it to Liz and she asked Rik what the catch was, hehe. He said nothing.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and I get a text from Liz that read:

"FYI: Rik thought we were going to a concert tonight with different music lol"


They still went and had a great time!

Both boys thought they could have done without the whole WWII/Nazi part of the play, umm, hello, that is a huge part of the story line! silly boys

{scott and i}

{liz and i}


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My mom and dad went to that concert too, the one on Monday (I think they played Tuesday as well)! My dad got the tickets for free at work and my mom didn't want to go. Loves country but wasn't a Sugarland fan...until the show. She said she loved it and it was the best show she'd seen at The Greek!

Doreen said...

I just love Sugarland! I saw them many years ago in New Jersey before they were famous. Of course I have seen them since also!!
Happy Anniversary:)

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