Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Giving back to your Community {you can make a difference!}

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Being in the military means every few years you pack up the house and move to another community. Sometimes it is just a few hours drive and sometimes you get on a plane and head across the US or across the world!

My husband and I have spent the last few years in Port Hueneme, CA. We have made this our home. Growing up my dad always said "you should leave a place better than it was when you arrived."  This has always stuck with me. Scott and I have tried very hard to leave our community better than it was, simply by giving our time to our community.

Last Fall Scott and I also started volunteering with Operation Homefront. One of the events we absolutely love is the Backpack event. Operation Homefront donates backpacks and school supplies to local military children. This year was the second time Scott and I participated. It is so much fun to see the kids come in and pick our their backpack and then the school supplies. Some of the families had 4-6 children, seeing the happiness in both the parents eyes as well as the kids is something you can never get enough of. A family with 5 kids would have spent well over a hundred dollars just buying backpacks and things like paper, pencils, pencil boxes, folders etc.

{Scott helping pick out school supplies with a family}

My husband is a truly wonderful man. His heart had a strong desire to start a partnership with his command and our local school last Fall. He created a program where one week each month {during the school year} sailors from his command go into the school and read with the kids and help them pick out library books to check out and bring home.

To my husband this was an idea he felt God was leading him to do. To the school and the library it was a huge gift. Those kids love having that time each month with the sailors. My husband has become a celebrity at the base we live on. He gets recognized by the kids at our community pool and when we are walking Khloe.

From library reading the sailors at his command have also started volunteering at other school events. It truly is an amazing site to see these young sailors {many just out of high school} giving back to their community.  I know that because my husband had a desire to give back and acted upon that desire other sailors at his command also gave back to their community.

{Sailors helping at a school book sale event}

This past spring Scott and another sailor, Rik, organized a fundraiser and raised $1800 for the school to buy more books for the library. Meeting with the librarian and seeing how grateful she was was beyond words. She was beaming talking about how the children's reading test scores have improved and how much they look forward to library time.

There are so many ways to give back to your community. You can find a local organization, like we did with Operation Homefront or you can create your project like Scott did.

The best way to find an organization is to find something you are passionate about. Do you like to build? Find your local Habitat for Humanity . Want to work with kids? Inquire with your local schools or find your local boys and girls club .  You can even start as simple in participating in a local beach or park clean up.

Regardless of how big or how small your project is it makes a HUGE difference.

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