Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspiration workshop {my favorite local shops}

I haven't link up to Gussy's inspiration workshop in a while.

 But this week was such a fun topic I couldn't resist!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
Today we're sharing our favorite shop{s}.
I have a ton of places I love to shop at, but since most of them are chains {Target and Forever21} I thought I'd share two local places that I love to go to for inspiration.

I took a little field trip this morning so I could share with you these lovely shops.

Both shops are located in downtown Ventura.

This first shop is called B on Main {it is on Main St. tehehe}

It is a very anthropolgie like store and I love it.

 I don't buy too much from here but it is a great place to go for inspiration!
 Tons of gorgeous things to add a little funk and sass to your home decor.

I love the window display below!

I absolutly love these colors and think I want to use them in my kitchen
{my kitchen is finally not the size of a shoe box and is just begging to be decorated!}

I love that it has a slight retro feel to it.

a bowl full of pretty balls will always be a simple yet gorgeous way to decorate and add a pop of colour!

I love that they decorate in little vignettes, so cute!

This next place is an espresso bar / home and gift store.

It is beyond amazing. Just two doors down from B on Main.

Scott and I love to come here to get coffee and gelato. I think of it as our little coffee shop {Scott was stationed in Italy for 2 years before we met and Palermo is a city/town they often frequented.}

While I love me a good cup of starbucks I would always choose Palermo if it wasn't a 20 mile drive ;)

The inside is so rustic and homey.
 If I was going back to school this would be my paper writing spot for sure!

they have amazing pieces of chocolate and gelato {I forgot to get a pic of the gelato}

Here is my drink choice for today: Pumpkin Spice Cafe Au Lait.

Hello Fall, I love me some pumpkin anything!!

There stationary and paper goods selection is gorgeous!
They carry Papyrus stationary, who doesn't love getting a Papyrus card in the mail??

Wouldn't these bottles be gorgeous in a seaside/lakeside cottage??
{Let me go buy a lakeside cottage really quick so I can buy them!}

Every time I visit these shops I always leave inspired and ready to create!

Now I am finishing up my Cafe Au Lait and ready to take this inspiration and make it a reality. :D

If you live in the Ventura area or find yourself passing through you should stop by these shops.

**all photos taken by me via my Istagram app

You should, because Rellas Bellas is one of the featured shops! Wowza!


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