Monday, September 26, 2011

so much sugary goodness! {blogsugar11 recap}

yesterday i had the privilege of going to blogsugar11.

i was in a room with over 150 amazing women who all love Jesus and love to blog. What more could you ask for??

The amazing Rachel from No. 17 cherry tree lane is the master mind behind the sugary goodness of blogsugar. She is a doll face, a lover, a dreamer and a believer. a believer in Jesus and us blogging gals, that we can make a difference, that we can change the world.

Psalm 34:8 is the official blog sugar bible verse:

"Taste and see that the LORD is good" Psalm 34:8

Such a fitting verse for the night we had.

The biggest message I took away was that the Lord is good, he has purpose. Only I can share my story and it is unique. There is a place for me in the bloggy world.

It was such an amazing day of fellowship, learning, laughing and loving.

I want to do separate posts on the amazing sessions i sat through with Jen from the blah blah blahger & Sarah Markley.

The gals that I sat with through out the night were amazing {2 gals headed home before we took the pic :(}

front row:erika  alissa carrie
back row: jacqui me julie
missing: kimmie amity meagan

Isn't everyone freakin adorable??
alissa, watch out! i'm gunna steal that jacket!!

there was so much sugary goodness {I now have a pimple that developed while at blogsugar and a sugar hangover..}

{mini donut, yum!}

{the raspberry lemon tart was to die for, the best!}

I won this amazing planner from Much ado about you

I am beyond excited to use it next year! If you are a list maker, write things down, & use a calendar you have to check her stuff out, ah-maz-ing!

She tweeted that the first person to say I love much ado about you planners wins one on the spot!

I realized the cute gal I was staring at in line was her, and tada!!!

Emmy and I at the end of the night, she is adorable!!

all my blogsugar sway

the amazing gals of the threadery kristen and nicole and me

jaqui, erika and me

everything was pink and orange and of course adorable!

how cute are the balloons everywhere?

see the gal on the left? that is casey wiegand hehe

I did get a pic with Maggie of gussy sews but someone else took the pic so i must get it from them :)
{how could I not get a pic with her, i love love love her. she is so adorable, encouraging and just radiates love and joy for the amazingness God has given her through her shop}

The keynote speakers was meg duerksen.  Listening to her made everything make sense. Pretty bold statement right? but oh so true.

her message was that she realized a few years ago that her blog is not for her, it isn't to share how wonderful she is, it is a tool from God. This is so true. I want my message to be something that is not just about "wow, look at me and what i do", but more of a "wow, this girl is making a difference, i can do that too".

She also said something so true and so meaningful "you are the only one that can do what you do" it is Gods plan. No one else has the exact same experiences that I have, but others can learn from them. Or even just read them and know that they are not alone.

I originally started blogging as a way to keep in touch with family when scott and i got engaged. It has turned in to so much more. It is has been a place to meet wonderful women, learn and grow with God and to realized what I am passionate about and how to follow my dreams. I need to, and want to work more on sharing my passions and how I am following my dreams.

At the end the wonderful Mrs. Rachel said something super amazing "if you don't think you are making an impact you are fooling yourself." oh so true!

Another overall message I got from all the speakers was that we cannot compare ourselves to other bloggers. I need to remember that more often. Just because I dont have 100s or 1000s of followers doesn't mean that I'm not making a difference. I need to be more ok with who I am and focus on the wonderful relationships I am cultivating in this crazy place we call the world wide web.

I hope you all lasted to the end of my 35page novel of a recap. I just can't express enough how wonderful yesterday was. I love every single gal i met and had the opportunity to listen to, learn from and have fellowship with.



Amber said...

we didn't get to meet but I had the same feeling as you!I love that we all got to fellowships and share and enjoy one another's awesomeness!
take care!

GingerPeachT said...

I'm pretty new to blogging but that's so awesome how God was working through that fun conference!! Thank you for sharing all of that with us :-)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How fun! I need to start getting out to these event to meet all of you wonderful ladies!

SoSoBella said...

what an amazing night. so much fun. wonderful gals. great speakers. the blog world can be pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

SO happy you were there, friend. <3

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

The first recap I've read: ) Enjoyed being there and enjoyed going back while reading your post! Make your voice matter by just being you: )

Taylor said...

That is a really good message and something I needed to hear, thanks for sharing! I wish I could've gone, but maybe next year if were on the West Coast I can go ; )

Jacqui said...

Loved having you at my table! You are wonderful! Blog Sugar was amazing! I look forward to talking with you soon! PS Love the pictures!

Gussy Sews said...

i LOVED meeting you!!!!! blog sugar was amazing! xoxo

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Wish I could have met you! Wasn't it such an amazing night?!?! So fun. Can't wait for next year!

Mindy Harris said...

blogsugar was amazing. which i could've met you. i follow your blog now. found it thru soleil selene!! i loved megan's talk, too. it was just truth to its core.

hannah singer said...

it was great to meet you!! hooray for blog sugar!

Quetzal Handmade said...

So nice to meet you that night and share a table! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Holiday Handmade market! :)

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