Monday, September 19, 2011

why i love handmade {and a video too!}

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Have I mentioned how much I love handmade??

One must when they are a handmade artisan, hehe. {Isn't that a fun title?!}

This fall I am doing two handmade markets! The first is The Threadery put on by the wonderful Nicole  from Olive Blue & Kristen from Rock-A-Bow! I am so excited as this will be my first handmade market!!

A few weeks later I will also be a part of Holiday Handmade being put on by the amazing Alissa !!

As most of you who are regular readers know I recently opened my own etsy shop Rellas Bellas .  I have a huge love for accessories, it is teetering on becoming and addiction and an obsession.

Any time I put together an outfit it is not complete until the right accessories have been found. I love my accessories to be a fun, spunky, sassy and funky!

Years ago I realized buying a few accessories can jazz up a bajillion different outfits {ok maybe not a bajillion} but a belt, a few necklaces, earrings and a bracelet can work wonders for a gal who wants to update her closet on a budget.

I find myself at Forever 21 looking for accessories and perusing etsy .  As much as I love a good deal from F21 I also enjoy having a unique handmade piece. I love the idea of handmade. Each item has a story, Why the artisan created it and why, when or where it was purchased. Wearing a handmade item is an instant conversation starter. A gorgeous statement necklace or a cute clutch can instantly spark a conversation and you can learn so much about a person by their accessories.

I am so excited for the video Nicole and Kristen put together to share The Threadery with others. Below is a video I took part in to share with you just a few of the fun pieces I will be selling at The Threadery.

All the details for The Threadery can be found here.


My Traveling Troop said...

What a darling video!

Meeting you and other military spouses with Etsy shops and sporting lovely handmade accessories opened my eyes to that whole world. You can bet a number of my Christmas shopping will be handmade and through you guys! :)


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