Monday, October 31, 2011

making a dream a reality {i need your help}

Do you ever dream about something you want to do but feel like you just don't have what it takes?

You don't have the knowledge, experience, manpower or money to make that dream a reality, but still you find yourself constantly thinking about it?

I have been feeling this way for a long while. I have dreamed of starting a website for Navy spouses. This website would be a great resource for them to find out information about the duty station they are going to next. I'm not talking about the normal stuff that the military provides on various websites. I'm talking about the stuff that makes the new duty station feel like home:

  • best day{s} to shop at the commissary
  • best neighborhoods to live in
  • best dentist
  • great hair salons
  • where to go for a great but affordable pedicure/manicure
  • fun things to do on the weekends
  • fun day trips
  • must try restaurants
  • places to avoid
  • best Target {face it: we all live about 10 miles from 3-5 Targets, but not all Targets are the same.}
  • things to do on & off base to meet other people
When I first moved to our current duty station it took me 6 months to figure out where the mall with the Nordstroms was. Before I was waiting until our day trips to Santa Barbara instead of going to the mall just 20 miles away.

While we live about an hour from many cool places like Hollywood, Santa Barbara, & Santa Monica I didn't really know of a lot to do locally. The sooner you become familiar with your local surroundings the sooner this foreign place begins to feel like home.

Navy Wives Unite will be a place for spouses to find information and resources about their next duty station. We need to come together and support and encourage one another and create community. Starting over in a new city can be scary and daunting, but if we all unite and give each other support we can get through anything.

In the past two years I have met so many amazing milspouses {in real life and online. They have encouraged me to start this website and also have so much knowledge themselves I know they will be a great contribution to the website.

PCSing {moving} can be a rough time for military families. Making the transition easier is something we all strive for. My hope is to be able to help the newbie spouse who is dealing with their first move and all that comes along with it, as well as the veteran spouse who wants to make the move as easy as possible.

As with any new venture money is needed. I have debated for a long time about waiting until I have "saved" up some extra money for this dream. Inevitably things come up that some how out weigh this dream of mine. After talking with a few of my milspouse friends they have encouraged me to seek support and donations to get the website up and running. The cost of getting this website up and running is nothing crazy but like any good website the design, logo and look are important to it as it will grab peoples attention.

I am seeking donations as well as ad spaces to make this little dream I have become a big reality. If you have a blog/website/esty shop or anything you would like to promote I have some great deals. All ad spaces will be for 6-12 months and range in price from $25-$100 {see, super affordable!}. If every one of my readers donated $5, the cost of one Starbucks trip, I'd have just enough to get the website designed and up and running!

It has taken me a while to write this post because I feel silly "asking" for money. But the longer I think about it the more I realize how silly it is for me to think that I should do this on my own. Military families endure a lot of things that most families don't even think about. It really is my hope to create a website/community that can help every Navy family with the transition to a new duty station. The better the transition is the better their entire stay will be.

Donating is super easy. At the bottom of my blog there is a toolbar, on the left hand side there is a button that says "Donate to Navy Wives Unite". You click on it and it will take you to a link to donate via pay pal. {you can also read the instructions here}. If you are interested in purchasing ad space or would like more information about it please email me at navywives {at} gmail {dot} com or leave a comment with your email address and I will email you all the details.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what i wore: {a giveaway and 2 weeks of outfit fun!}

I'm back!!!!

wow, the last two weeks have been a crazy whirl wind of fun!

I was getting ready for my first ever market, which was exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.

Lot's has been going on since I last blogged and lots of fun posts coming in the next few weeks!

I am a part of beth's birthday celebration over at dot in the city .

enter to win a fun giveaway that includes one of my rosette necklaces

I have two weeks worth of what i wore pics! get ready for some fun outfits!

I am linking up with lindsey for

pleated poppy

Wednesday the 12th

bible study and errands, it was a hot summer like day

necklace: my shop rellas bellas
dress: kohl's
belt: thrifted
bracelets: target
earrings: f21
sandals: target

Thursday the 13th

another warm summer like day, it was too hot to cook so we went to sushi and fro yo with our friends rik & liz.

necklace: my shop rellas bellas
dress and tank top: f21
leggings and bracelets: target
sandals: steve madden

Saturday the 15th

went to a craft fair with my friend liz

hairclip: made by me
jacket: from sister, walmart
dress, necklace, bracelet & skinnies: f21
flats: target

Sunday the 16th

went to church and then watched the detroit vs. SF game with our friends {rik and liz of course}and had a yummy brunch.

sunnies: prescription kate spade
necklace and bracelet: JCPenneys
sweater: target
dress: kohls
ring: f21
shoes: NEX
purse: Gucci a wonderful gift from my hubs a few years ago, i <3 it

Monday the 17th

lots of crafting to prep for The Threadery & a few errands

we also had sushi again, but hubs went and picked it up

hairclip and necklace: my shop rellas bellas
sweater: ann taylor
top and tank: f21
capris: target
flats: nine west via crossroads

Tuesday the 18th

more crafting & more errands

Necklace: my shop rellas bellas
sweater: GAP
top: NEX
belt: banana republic
skinnies & bracelets: f21
boots: kohls

Wednesday the 19th

bible study and crafting

jacket: my sister via walmart
scarf: H&M
top: NEX
skinnes: f21
boots: nine west
purse: Gucci

Saturday the 22nd

selling my product at my first ever market! The Threadery

hairclip and necklace: my shop rellas bellas
sweater: old navy
dress: target
skinnes: f21
flats: nine west via cross roads

Sunday the 23rd

church, pumpkin patch and dinner with rik & liz {do you see a pattern here?}

headband: nature mamma {bought at the threadery}
jacket: target
dress: kohls
necklace & tights: f21
socks: target
boots: nine west
purse: coach

Monday the 24th

relaxing, laundry, & then made and brought dinner over to a gal in my bible study who just had a baby

headband:nature mamma
sweater: the limited
tank & skinnies: f21
boots: nine west

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what i wore {rain boots and summer heat in october}

It's Wednesday and of course I am linking up with Lindsey for

pleated poppy

I have to admit I am starting to find it more difficult to put outfits together, I'd say 40% of my closet is business appropriate clothing, and since I quit my corporate job it seems silly to put on a dressy blouse and dress pants on a random Tuesday! Plus the summer heat in October is annoying, I want to wear layers, in tired of my sundresses {unless I've layered them with a cute sweater and skinny jeans}. I think the next few weeks are going to be interesting to see what other combinations i can come up.


Last Wednesday it was cold and rainy!
I went to a morning bible study and had a great time

Jacket and boots: Target

Necklace: my shop rellas bellas
Scarf, ring, white tank and corduroy skinnies: F21
Sweater: Target via thrift store
Shirt: from my sister
Earrings: Kohls

Thursday and Friday I didn't get a pic, whooopsie


We were down in SD to see Scott's BFF graduate from college

Necklace: my shop rellas bellas
Top: F21 via my sister
Skirt: F21
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: JCPenney
Bracelet on left & Ring: F21
Bracelet on right: goodwill

Sunday: No pic again


It was not hot yet not cold, perfect for a maxi dress and little sweater

Necklace & Bracelets: F21
Sweater: The Limited
Dress: Kohls
Sandals: Target


Summer heatwave in October! Post Office and lots of crafting

Hair clip: my shop
Sweater: JCPenney via my sister
Dress: H&M
Necklace: F21
Sandals: Target

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Power of Prayer {praying for baby Ezequiel}

I had a blog post planned in my head, but this morning it flew out the window.

Our friends Jose and Yesenia Camacho became parents today, 10 weeks early.

Baby Ezequiel Jose Camacho was born October 12, 2011 at 0850 1lb 10oz.

Please pray for this beautiful baby boy.

The first week is very crucial.

Mama is doing well and baby is stable but on 100% oxygen support.

God, please watch over Ezequiel, help him to get the strength he needs. Please also watch over Jose and Seni and give them strength and courage to get through this difficult time.

The power of prayer is so amazing, please take just a quick minute and pray for baby Ezequiel.
Cast your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved
Psalm 55:22

Thursday, October 6, 2011

it's the little things {focusing on God}

Happy Friday {or late Thursday night, since I'm posting a bit early :)}

This week has just flown by! The Threadery is in 2 weeks {Oct.22} so I have spent a lot of my time crafting/prepping and thinking of how I want my booth to be.

Last weekend Scott and I woke up early and took khloe for a walk on the beach down the street from our house. So nice to be up early walking and drinking coffee on the beach.

{taken with my iphone, no filter}

I made the first pumpkin pancakes of the fall season, yumm!

I'm working on my booth design for my handmade markets, we painted this desk we got for $12...i love love love it!

For the past few months I have really felt God working in my heart to go to a bible study. In the base paper two weeks ago I read there would be one starting on Oct.5 called "Duty or Delight? Knowing Where You Stand with God".

I went Wednesday morning and it was amazing. It was just what I had been craving. I knew a few of the women from my past jobs on base. The women leading the group are so real and shared so much in just the first meeting. The topic we discussed was exactly what I needed. It couldn't have come at a better time.

We had some rain this week and I was beyond excited! I love a rainy day, and I get to wear these cute rain boots <3

I am sending this lovely headband off to a friend. It will be in the shop soon. {I love custom orders!}

I wore my cowboy boots this week and I loved it. I wore them with skinny jeans and a party dress, I loved the outfit and think I am going to wear it to The Threadery.

I was being goofy and thought khloe would look cute with one of my rosette hair clips...Scott really thought I was making a doggy line, hahaha!

I'm linking up with Lindsay

Aisle to Aloha
I'm also linking up with Jeannett

life rearranged

inspiration workshop {Fall:my favorite season}

Are you on pinterest? I am and it is addicting and some times a pain in my side, but I still love it! You can follow me here


I'm kinda obsessed. I can't get enough of pumpkin spiced lattes, I love wearing boots, fall colors are my fav and I add a cardigan to every outfit!

When Maggie announced this weeks topic was Fall I got so giddy it was kinda silly.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I love decorating the house for fall. I love buying the little pumpkins & gourds at the grocery store and placing them all over the house.

This year I will be cooking my first thanksgiving dinner at our house. eeeeek! I think I've made everything before except the turkey...hopefully the day after thanksgiving I won't be writing a post titled "how i ruined thanksgiving"!

I love this Fall bucket list! I can't wait to do all of these things this Fall

I love anything that is pumpkin flavored! i will for sure be making pumpkin pie cupcakes this Fall.

This would be such a cute centerpiece for Thanksgiving Dinner

Source: None via Jenelle on Pinterest

I love this outfit and it would look great in my closet!

This fall I want to go apple picking. What are your favorite Fall things?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

what i wore: dresses & skinnies {my new go to}

it is wednesday so i am linking up with Linds{i have met her twice so i think i can call her linds, hehe}.

pleated poppy

we had our first enlisted spouses club meeting of the year.

necklace, hairclip and flower on sweater: made by me rellas bellas
sweater: Target
tshirt: made for club by vistaprint
belt: banana republic
skinnies: F21
flats: nine west via Macys

working & coffee with a friend at starbucks

hairclip & necklace: made by me rellas bellas
button up: f21 via goodwill
skirt: american eagle via goodwill
shoes: old navy
bracelets: f21

out for the day with the hubs

hairclip: made by me, in the shop soon rellas bellas
necklace: marine parents
sweater: GAP
tshirt: banana republic outlet {love me an organic cotton tee}
belt: banana republic
skinnies: f21
flats& bracelet: target
bracelet on right: goodwill

I changed my outfit a few times, we did an early morning walk: outfit1, watched the michigan game: outfit 2, shopping at B&N outfit below

hair clip & necklace: my shop rellas bellas
sweater: Ann Taylor outlet
top: JCPenney
belt: banana republic
jeans: Kohl's
sandals & bracelets: target

Church & Home Depot, then i changed into gym clothes to paint my $12 desk i will be using for my handmade markets {pics to come soon}

hairclip: me
necklace: f21
top: from my sister, issac mizrahi for target
skirt, ring: f21
belt: thrifted
bracelets: the limited
heels: JCPenneys {only $5!!}
purse: thrifted

lots of crafting going on

scarf: gift from favorite things swap
sweater, dress, & skinnes: f21
flats: target

more crafting going on. i love this outfit so much, i have seen so many girls dress down a fun party dress, so i did the same. i think i might wear this to The Threadery.

necklace & hairclip: my shop rellas bellas
sweater: from my sister via JCP
dress, ring & skinnies: F21
boots: boot barn

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a confession {my fear}

i have a confession.

it isn't something that will change the world or anything, but a confession none the less.

i have a huge issue with confidence in certain areas.

strange, i know. many people comment often about how confident i seem when i do public speaking, the way i carry myself etc.

however, when it comes to a few things my confidence goes right down the drain.

when i was a kid i never wanted a birthday  party because i was afraid no one would show up.

one year on valentines day i went home early because i was afraid to pass out the cute cards my mom made. i was afraid kids wouldn't give me one in return.

i didn't run for elected spots in the student body in high school because i was afraid people wouldn't vote for me.

when i started the enlisted spouses club on base i was afraid no one would want to join.

currently my biggest fear is that i will make tons of product, got to The Threadery {and holiday handmade} and no one will buy anything. minus the fact that i would be out money, my bigger fear is that people won't love what i have created.

i love my necklaces, headbands and hair clips and wear them any & every where.

i love knowing that i made them, i love that they are different from anything you can buy at target, forever21, macys, nordstrom etc.

they are me, therefore, i think my fear is that people won't like me.

i have gotten tons of encouragement from my handmade friends, {and really i believe they would not lie to me, no reason for them to.}

but i still have this fear that all the hard word and this dream i have to design and create spunky & sassy accessories will be for nothing.

i have so many other ideas of items i want to create and i know over time my stuff will evolve, but i fear that if nothing sells i won't have the courage to keep going.

i keep praying to God that I am going in the right direction and following his word.

when I went to the queen bee market in August I saw all of these amazing ladies selling these wonderful creations. I thought to myself, "i don't think i have the guts to sell my stuff out in the open and be so vulnerable"..low and behold i am doing just that. I am being encouraged by many of the same ladies who sell at QBM.

i know it was God working in my heart to give me the confidence to email the ladies of the The Threadery and Alissa with holiday handmade and ask to be a part of their events.
with that i hope if you are in the southern california area you will mark your calendar for October 22nd and come out and support myself and 20 other amazing handmade artisans. we truly are the definition of a small business. we love to create and put our heart into every product we create.

if you are a so cal blogger and would be willing to share this flyer on your blog please email me at rellasbellas{at}gmail{dot}com. we would love the support and help spreading the word

Monday, October 3, 2011

Our first family road trip: {Washington or Bust}

Beware, this is a very photo heavy post!

At the end of August we loaded up the Edge and headed North.

We were on an adventure of a lifetime. {ok, maybe not a life time, but our first major roadtrip}

We were headed to the great state of Washington to see my sis, bil and nephew colt {hello cutest baby every!}

We left bright and early on a Wednesday morning!

{the navigator}

{the pilot}

{along for the ride}

We went through the Santa Maria wine country. Must come back and do wine tasting asap!

khloe was trying to steal my navigator position!

see me in the mirror, hehe, love this pic

family photo <3

khloe spent A LOT of time sleeping on the drive up

My turn as the pilot

scott as the urrr, umm, the navigator...don't all navigators nap??

we of course had to stop and see the massive red wood trees.
These things are so huge. I cannot even comprehend how ginormous they are!

we were in Humboldt county so, when in tree hugger land you must hug a tree!
 I think I fell in love with just one hug, hehe

beautiful country side

We brought a cooler for food to have lunch and snacks. We knew stopping to get dinner would be  a good idea to get out of car and stretch our legs for more than 5 minutes. We stumbled upon this tiny random "cafe" in a town with literally 5 buildings.

It had some of the most amazing mexican food. {i am a huge critic of mexican food.}

After a bit more driving scott was ready to call it day. We were on the road for a solid 12 hours. We laid our heads down in a random motel in Eureka, CA. Every time i say it i think of Eurekas Castle. Did you watch that show as a kid on Nickelodeon?

at the hotel khloe got caught up on teen mom...this was her frist time staying at a hotel and she was a very good girl.

Day Two:

Day Two was only about a 10 hour day of driving.
We finished up CA, drove through Oregon and made it to our final destination, Silverdale WA!

don't all navigators put their feet up?? love my cute socks from H&M, perfect for ballet flats.

im pretty sure khloe is thinking, are we there yet??

Portland, we stopped on the way back home, so more on that later.

and we finally arrived to see this cute face! how freakin adorable is he???

kisses from the doggie

i'm not sure who is more excited, scott or colt

khloe is probably thinking, hey kid, get off my don't see me jumping in your crib, hehe

more on our washington adventures later!

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Remember, once I get to 100 blog followers I will be doing a giveaway from the shop rellas bellas {only 17 more followers, needed! eeeek!}

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