Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a confession {my fear}

i have a confession.

it isn't something that will change the world or anything, but a confession none the less.

i have a huge issue with confidence in certain areas.

strange, i know. many people comment often about how confident i seem when i do public speaking, the way i carry myself etc.

however, when it comes to a few things my confidence goes right down the drain.

when i was a kid i never wanted a birthday  party because i was afraid no one would show up.

one year on valentines day i went home early because i was afraid to pass out the cute cards my mom made. i was afraid kids wouldn't give me one in return.

i didn't run for elected spots in the student body in high school because i was afraid people wouldn't vote for me.

when i started the enlisted spouses club on base i was afraid no one would want to join.

currently my biggest fear is that i will make tons of product, got to The Threadery {and holiday handmade} and no one will buy anything. minus the fact that i would be out money, my bigger fear is that people won't love what i have created.

i love my necklaces, headbands and hair clips and wear them any & every where.

i love knowing that i made them, i love that they are different from anything you can buy at target, forever21, macys, nordstrom etc.

they are me, therefore, i think my fear is that people won't like me.

i have gotten tons of encouragement from my handmade friends, {and really i believe they would not lie to me, no reason for them to.}

but i still have this fear that all the hard word and this dream i have to design and create spunky & sassy accessories will be for nothing.

i have so many other ideas of items i want to create and i know over time my stuff will evolve, but i fear that if nothing sells i won't have the courage to keep going.

i keep praying to God that I am going in the right direction and following his word.

when I went to the queen bee market in August I saw all of these amazing ladies selling these wonderful creations. I thought to myself, "i don't think i have the guts to sell my stuff out in the open and be so vulnerable"..low and behold i am doing just that. I am being encouraged by many of the same ladies who sell at QBM.

i know it was God working in my heart to give me the confidence to email the ladies of the The Threadery and Alissa with holiday handmade and ask to be a part of their events.
with that i hope if you are in the southern california area you will mark your calendar for October 22nd and come out and support myself and 20 other amazing handmade artisans. we truly are the definition of a small business. we love to create and put our heart into every product we create.

if you are a so cal blogger and would be willing to share this flyer on your blog please email me at rellasbellas{at}gmail{dot}com. we would love the support and help spreading the word


Rici said...

Sending you hugs & a big boost of confidence! Your stuff is beautiful, don't forget it!!

Angel said...

From an outside perspective, I can only say stay the course. You have an amazing eye and God given talent. Love yourself and your work enough to let your light SHINE! People will notice and love your sparkle. I promise. You are an inspiration. Trust God knows what he's doing!! Also, I wear my headband more often than anyone should probably wear the same hair accesory!!! Chin up lady! <3

Taylor said...

First, I really enjoy your shop! I struggle with the fear of failure or of wasting my life. Right now I'm not doing a 9-5 and sometimes I feel like I'm a failure and like I shouldn't spend time blogging, etc. But I try to remind myself of my value in Gods eyes. One great book is the Search for Significance. Were reading it in Our Bible study

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