Monday, October 31, 2011

making a dream a reality {i need your help}

Do you ever dream about something you want to do but feel like you just don't have what it takes?

You don't have the knowledge, experience, manpower or money to make that dream a reality, but still you find yourself constantly thinking about it?

I have been feeling this way for a long while. I have dreamed of starting a website for Navy spouses. This website would be a great resource for them to find out information about the duty station they are going to next. I'm not talking about the normal stuff that the military provides on various websites. I'm talking about the stuff that makes the new duty station feel like home:

  • best day{s} to shop at the commissary
  • best neighborhoods to live in
  • best dentist
  • great hair salons
  • where to go for a great but affordable pedicure/manicure
  • fun things to do on the weekends
  • fun day trips
  • must try restaurants
  • places to avoid
  • best Target {face it: we all live about 10 miles from 3-5 Targets, but not all Targets are the same.}
  • things to do on & off base to meet other people
When I first moved to our current duty station it took me 6 months to figure out where the mall with the Nordstroms was. Before I was waiting until our day trips to Santa Barbara instead of going to the mall just 20 miles away.

While we live about an hour from many cool places like Hollywood, Santa Barbara, & Santa Monica I didn't really know of a lot to do locally. The sooner you become familiar with your local surroundings the sooner this foreign place begins to feel like home.

Navy Wives Unite will be a place for spouses to find information and resources about their next duty station. We need to come together and support and encourage one another and create community. Starting over in a new city can be scary and daunting, but if we all unite and give each other support we can get through anything.

In the past two years I have met so many amazing milspouses {in real life and online. They have encouraged me to start this website and also have so much knowledge themselves I know they will be a great contribution to the website.

PCSing {moving} can be a rough time for military families. Making the transition easier is something we all strive for. My hope is to be able to help the newbie spouse who is dealing with their first move and all that comes along with it, as well as the veteran spouse who wants to make the move as easy as possible.

As with any new venture money is needed. I have debated for a long time about waiting until I have "saved" up some extra money for this dream. Inevitably things come up that some how out weigh this dream of mine. After talking with a few of my milspouse friends they have encouraged me to seek support and donations to get the website up and running. The cost of getting this website up and running is nothing crazy but like any good website the design, logo and look are important to it as it will grab peoples attention.

I am seeking donations as well as ad spaces to make this little dream I have become a big reality. If you have a blog/website/esty shop or anything you would like to promote I have some great deals. All ad spaces will be for 6-12 months and range in price from $25-$100 {see, super affordable!}. If every one of my readers donated $5, the cost of one Starbucks trip, I'd have just enough to get the website designed and up and running!

It has taken me a while to write this post because I feel silly "asking" for money. But the longer I think about it the more I realize how silly it is for me to think that I should do this on my own. Military families endure a lot of things that most families don't even think about. It really is my hope to create a website/community that can help every Navy family with the transition to a new duty station. The better the transition is the better their entire stay will be.

Donating is super easy. At the bottom of my blog there is a toolbar, on the left hand side there is a button that says "Donate to Navy Wives Unite". You click on it and it will take you to a link to donate via pay pal. {you can also read the instructions here}. If you are interested in purchasing ad space or would like more information about it please email me at navywives {at} gmail {dot} com or leave a comment with your email address and I will email you all the details.


GingerPeachT said...

As a newbie milspouse I say this dream is a great idea and I am deff interested in doing the ad thing. :-) I have to say I'm still scared to try to find a hair salon where we are stationed lol

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