Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FaLaLaLaLa Christmas decorations part 1

It is no shocker that I LOVE Christmas.

It is my favorite time of year, hands down!

I love to decorate, I love doing any type of Christmas related activity.


Since Thanksgiving is this week I am getting preparing myself for the Christmas fun to begin on Friday when we head out for BLACK FRIDAY!

Source: bing.com via Jenelle on Pinterest

These yummy pretzel sticks need to be in my belly asap! I am hoping to make these this weekend.

How cute is this Christmas Decoration?!?
It would be fun to do the number of family members you have.

This is such a fun "wreath" totally different from the norm.
I think it would be an fun way to decorate the inside doors as well. {or decorate each child's room door and have their name on it as well}

This might be my favorite wreath ever! I love the colors, how big it is and how fun it is.
It just screams Christmas!

This might be the yummiest wreath ever!
Such a fun and cute idea.

I love me some printables. These Christmas rules are perfect! I will be printing this this weekend and putting it for all to see.
Another adorable printable that will be going up in my house this weekend!
Are you getting ready to decorate for Christmas? or have you already started??


GingerPeachT said...

Oh my word. That peppermint wreath is so great!! Would animals try to eat them though? Haha I do live out in the swamp.
We decorate Friday! I'm not one who likes to get up early for black Friday. I'm not even sure we will be exchanging many gifts this year. But have fun when you shop!
I'm already sad that fall is almost done. I like celebrating that too but so many take out the Christmas decor before thanksgiving! Lol

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You are seriously so great at decorating and creating things. I love your instagrammed photos :)

Lauren said...

those wreathes are gorgeous! we have a friend who did the peppermint wreathe though and it melted! haha

Stopping by from Gussy's...

Katie Boatright said...

that candy wreath looks like an ant problem waiting to happen!

Denielle said...

Oh my goodness! Those pretzels are making my mouth water!

Stopping by from Gussy's

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