Friday, November 11, 2011

furbaby birthday and veterans day

Happy Birthday to my furbaby khloe!

Two years old today, and now a teenager in dog years. I hope you don't turn into a bratty teenager :)

{snuggling with daddy}

{first day home, Dec 26th, 2011}

{pretty lady khlo-belle}

{family picture}

Thank you to all of our men & women past, present and future for serving our country and defending our freedom. I will forever be grateful to the sacrafices you make.

{Scott, BIL John, Scott's cousin Danny, my Dad}

To my husband and dad thank you for committing your life to serving our country.

You both have such a selfless love for our country, I cannot think of two better men to represent the United States Navy.


Reccewife said...

What a cool picture of all that military family!

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

OMGosh what a cute baby Khloe was!!! No wonder you couldn't resist her. Give Scott a hug and a HUGE thank you for all he's done and of course you too!!! Happy Veteran's Day

Miss Priss said...

Happy Birthday Khloe! Hope you guys had a Wonderful Veterans Day.

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