Monday, November 14, 2011

God knew where I needed to be on Sunday

This past week the hubs and I got into a bit of an argument. Where we were going to go to church this week. I am really having a strong desire to continue to go to the new church we tried out. It is giving me the connection with the Holy Spirit I need and have been craving. We were both being stubborn and it was left at fine, I'm going to the new church and you can go wherever you'd like. {maybe not the best approach but my heart is really calling me to this new church}.

Sunday morning we got up and went to the new church. Clearly God had planned on us going here the entire time. The message couldn't have been more for me unless the Pastor called me out by name and asked me to come up and sit with him. It hit home hard. I'm talking tears rolling down my cheeks hard.

I took so many notes in the margin of my bible it was a miracle my pen didn't run out of ink.

Here are a few of the things I wrote down as the Pastor was speaking:

"You are looking for help in the wrong place"
This is a message I keep seeing over and over. Since I started going to bible study a month ago I have realized I need to ALWAYS be looking to God for help.

"HE is the author and you are a PART of HIS story"
ummmm, hello! This hit me like a brick thrown at my head! I need to remind myself daily that God has a plan for me and it has been written long before me. I need constant reminders that I am not in control. {I have serious control issues ask the hubs or my parents!}

"He is waiting for us to come to the place where it is safe for him to bless us"
This was something I had never even thought of until recently. We talked about pruning last week in bible study. I know right now God is pruning me to be what he needs me to be, I need to stop worrying and just continue to listen to his guidance.

"God is waiting on you to wait on him"
The pastor explained this so well, again, another ah ha moment. Much like how we want a Waiter at a restaurant to be attentive to us, our needs and making us happy we need to do that with the Lord. We need to living the Godly life he has planned for us. In doing this we will be waiting on him and this is what I need to strive to do more, Wait on God.

He ended the sermon talking about the story of Hannah and after the sermon we sang a worship song. I don't remember the song because I was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. I closed my eyes, took it all in and let the tears fall. It was such an emotional sermon and really hit my heart, total bulls eye.

Clearly God had knew I needed to here this message.

These 4 thoughts will be my strength and guidance for the week. Happy Monday Loves!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Glad you found a place that you really enjoy going to. I haven't found a church in LA so I usually just go with my parents, which means an hour drive :(

GingerPeachT said...

Your post caught my attention because the hubby and I had the same issue about 6 months ago. We had been going to a church he found by himself (before we were married) for the first 6 or so months of marriage but I wasn't getting fed.
There were times we would argue on the way to the church and both be stubborn.
I ended up telling him we go where he wants to go (while I was praying constantly for guidance) and within a couple months of going back and forth we stuck to another church that met our needs.
So I'm glad the message was what exactly you needed. Now the important part is to let God work on your hubby to help him know where to worship too ;-)

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