Monday, November 21, 2011

A night of exploring in Washington DC

Only 4 months after the trip and I am finally doing another Washington DC trip post.

You can read all about why we went to DC this summer here

You can read about visiting Arlington National Cemetery here

The day of the luncheon was our last day of "planned" events. After the luncheon ended we were free to do what ever our hearts desired. Since my dad was still in town we decided to do a little site seeing.

The week we were in DC was a heat wave. I'm talking 116 degrees with the heat index.

We took the train into the city {after a pit stop in the pentagon 9/11 memorial, which was just so heart breaking to see}.
Soon after getting off the train I quickly realized I needed to 1. get out of the heat and 2. eat. We decided to eat at a pub type place. After dinner I told my dad and Scott that I wasn't really in the best of conditions to be walking around all night. 4 days of the crazy heat was starting to catch up with me.

My dad and Scott were totally okay with going back to the hotel, or so I thought. They said let's just walk a bit to see the White House at night and then we will head back. We saw the white house but we did not then go back. The walk turned into a walk all over the city hitting up many of the monuments! those guys tricked me big time! {totally glad they pushed on because we had so much that night}

We saw the White House, the Washington Monument, the WWII memorial the Lincoln Memorial and a few others.

I was pretty bummed the reflecting pool was under construction and therefore waterless and pretty much nothing special at the time.

My dad and I early in the evening {as funny as i look wearing my nike's with a dress I was so thankful to have worn tennies after all the walking we did that night!}

one of the many pics I took of the Washington Monument

Another Washington Monument shot

The White House

fun building in DC

I love that many of the streets around the historical buildings and monuments were these cobble stone roads

Washington Monument again

Scott at the WWII memorial

World War II memorial and Washington Monument in the background

We were all super excited to see the Lincoln Memorial. My dad's favorite president is Abraham Lincoln so he was super stoked.

this statue was so massive.

We ended up walking around for about three hours and seeing so much of Washington DC. It was so much fun to get to explore the city with both the hubs and my dad. As we were ending the night we realized my dad hadn't bought any souvenirs and he left the next day at the crack of dawn. As we were walking towards a train station from the Lincoln memorial Scott spotted a little shop, when I say little I mean smaller than a 7-11. It was 8:45 and the place closed at 9pm. We tackled that place like pros! and of course bought some Gatorade's to quench our thirst. I'm pretty sure between the heat and 3 hours of walking I burned at minimum 500 calories.

Between the awards luncheon and exploring the city with my two favorite guys this was by far my favorite day of the whole trip.


My Traveling Troop said...

Glad you had a lovely time in DC! You took beautiful photos! Makes me miss living there!


Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Wow. Your trip sounds amazing. You got to see so many awesome sights. Thanks for sharing.

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