Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a wonderful thanksgiving {and how our turkey was run over!}

I can't believe Thanksgiving was almost a week ago! I figured I'd better get my turkey day recap up before December 1st!

I had so much fun this Thanksgiving. Even though it was just a small gathering it was perfect.

Scott and I started out the day with a 5 mile {round trip} run to the beach.

If you follow my personal fb page you know we had a bit of an issue with the turkey.


Here are the fb posts:

"Our turkey was run over...I'm not joking, I can't make this up...fact: our uncooked turkey was run over by a two door Honda civic"

"How our turkey was run over: rik was loading it in the Honda to bring it to our house. He didn't have the keys so he set it on the ground. They finished loading, got in the car and backed up. As they backed up they heard a weird noise. Seconds later Liz saw our turkey laying in the drive way. Luckily it was not run over by the tire and is still whole and able to be cooked. This is the tale of how Rik almost ruined our thanksgiving ;)"

It cracks me up still. When Rik told me I'm pretty sure my chin hit the floor, my face turned green and I just stood there in shock.

breakfast was a pumpkin pie milk shake, yum!

Group picture in the back yard.

Liz and I made a pitcher of sangria. It was very mild as we did not want to be wasted trying to cook thanksgiving dinner!

Liz and I enjoying our sangria

we made an appetizer spread at about 2pm so we all wouldn't be starving at 6pm.

we had salami, smoked gouda cheese, olive oil rosemary asiago cheese, and pimento spread.

our table setting

the boys taking a shot of lemonchello

the mood was a bit romantic, hehe

moistest turkey ever! {maybe we will have to run over the turkey every year!}

Liz and I in front of all the yummy food we made


Cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal is exhausting! I can't imagine doing it all by myself. Liz and I even created a schedule so we wouldn't forget anything or end up eating at 11pm!

We had three desserts {there were only 4 of us!}

I sampled all three!

the boys cleaning up and khloe trying to get any scraps

happy puppy. she might have enjoyed some gravy and turkey ;)

hubs getting ready for midnight black friday shopping!

breakfast on friday morning!!


g dawg said...

i would not have been able to eat the turkey.... everything looked yummy.

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