Monday, December 19, 2011

reminding myself to judge less

this past weekend I had some girl time, which was much needed.

however in the midst of it all i may have said some not so favorable things about someone. this person has said some not so favorable things about things i am a part of but that does not give me the right to do the same.

i don't really have any interaction with his person, and while i know nothing will come of it all i still feel bad.

i really need to work on not judging people. i do not know their struggles so who am i to judge?

this has been weighing on my heart all weekend. the above quote is so true, the words i said reflect way more about me. I was caught up in the moment and i am probably still a bit hurt about what they said.

will this person ever see this post or my blog, probably not. will they know the unfavorable comments i said, probably not. but i know i said it and i need to forgive myself {and them for what they said} and work harder at being a more thoughtful and forgiving person.

If God can constantly forgive me for the wrong I do how can I not do the same for someone?


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