Tuesday, January 31, 2012

window shopping via pinterst

Hello lovelies, it has been a whirlwind of madness at the hatzung household...i'll share more on that in the next few weeks.

Right now I am visiting my parents in Minnesota and am happy to report I am not freezing my butt off!

You may remember one of my goals in 2012 is to spend less money on fivoulous items. There are many pieces of clothing that I want to buy but I just can't justify it. I plan to do a little bit of shopping before I go out and see Scott graduate OCS in the spring so until then I do not need to buy new clothes.

To help curb my spending but still feed my fashion addiction I have taken to pinterest.

I seriously love a great dress or skirt combo. I pretty much wear them all summer long, as well as many spring days with boots and or a cute sweater.

Here is what I am currently obsessed with:

the stripes, the green, the bold necklace, yes please!

this outfit looks casual yet chic. I love how simple it is yet so fun.

Mustard yellow and grey, do you have to even ask?

this dress is gorgeous as are those shoes!

again, another outfit that looks chic and simple. I could see myself wearing this daily come spring.

Do you window shop via pinterest??

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

20 things to do while the hubs is away

Happy Friday Eve loves!

Last night I was hit with some funky germs, but after some vitamin C, cold meds, water and sleep I am feeling better. Which is fantastic because I have a crap ton of stuff to do before I leave for Minnesota on Sunday!

Since Scott is gone for about 12 weeks I thought it would be good to make a list of things I want to do while he is gone. You know, a way to pass the time and have something to show for it. I am a list maker by nature so anytime I get to grab pen and paper and go at it I'm game! {I've totally inherited this from my mom, growing up she always made lists}.

  1. learn to use my sewing machine properly
  2. make spring wreath
  3. loose 15 pounds {through weight watchers and working out, I'm already down 6lbs!}
  4. clean out  my craft room
  5. get accounting organized for rellas bellas {scott will loooove this!}
  6. reorganize rellas bellas blog
  7. get NWU website off the ground {i can't wait to share more on this with everyone}
  8. marketing ideas for NWU
  9. shop my closet on the blog
  10. plan our 2-3 day Boston trip {hoping to get a mini vacay after OCS before his AMDO school}
  11. pay down our cc
  12. get the Edge waxed {again scott will love this}
  13. purge boxes in garage
  14. clean laundry area
  15. clean out pantry
  16. organize pic on my computer
  17. learn how to better use my dslr
  18. learn to quilt
  19. learn to sew a bag
  20. start packing up boxes for the big move!
I am starting to write for another military site called Semper Fi Momma.

Here is my first article My Navy Wife Life: from there to here you can read about the first steps of getting to where we are now, the hubs being away at OCS.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what i wore {lots of comfy clothes}

Hi friends! It's Wednesday, so you know what that means, time to post my outfits.

pleated poppy

I have a few confessions this week:

my photos are horrible! my photographer/husband left early last thursday morning so now I'm on my own. I have to get better and the pictures with my timer.

my second confession is my outfits this week suck! I have been wearing comfy clothes since the hubs left. I am not wearing sweats all day, but comfy hoodies and jeans are my go to as of late.

I hope to have some better pics in the next few posts as I'll be in Minnesota with my family so I'll have someone to take the pics for me!

bible study, doctors appointment and then just being lazy around the house together since it was Scott's last day home.

necklace & top: kohls
sweater: gap
scarf: target {thanks hubby}
jeans & shoes: target
bracelet: from my bff

Up bright and early at 4am to take Scott to LAX. Spent the rest of the day working on new shop items
{here begins the horrid pictures}

zip up:  Alpine
top and skinnies: f21
socks: target
boots: nine west

Worked on new shop items and cleaned up the house.
{this outfit looks much better in my head, i think i cant have a loose top and bottom, must be one or the other}

scarf: bff
sweatshirt: f21
tank: nike outlet
bf jeans: gap
nike's: NEX


headband and bracelets: f21
earrings: kohls
jacket: thrifted
top: the limited
jeans: seven for all mankind via Macys
shoes: NEX

Here is my pretty baby taking in the fresh air and breeze

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

photo shoot with our furbaby khloe {and new items in the shop!}

Remember how I said we had a photo shoot in early December in our cute small town downtown area? We took Khloe along for the photo shoot as well. She was having so much fun hamming it up for the camera!

She was not going to look at the camera for this pose. She could see too many people walking the on the street and she just had to be in the know.

I love this pic of all of us! We were talking to khlo-belle and she looked up at us. She is such a sweetie, we love her so.

How adorable is this pic of Scott and Khloe?? This totally captures the love the two of them have. Scott is such a sucker for her. He cannot be home without her in his lap or playing around. I need to frame this photo and put it on my night stand.

Kissing mama. She loves to give kisses.

In other news, have you seen the new blossom belts I've added to my shop?

Monday, January 23, 2012

spring outfits {for my east coast trip in April}

Happy Monday Loves!

It is cold and rainy here and I love it!

Over the weekend I pinned a bunch of cute spring outfits.

I am still loving the cold but I am looking forward to my trip to the east coast this spring to see my bff and to see the hubby graduate OCS!

Because I am always thinking about clothes and outfits it only seems appropriate to start brainstorming ideas! Ideally I'd like to have about 5 outfits that I can mix and match for a week long plus trip. I'd also like to buy only a few new pieces.

Here is what I am loving:

I am loving this color combo and this necklace! The necklace is from jcrew but I am pretty sure I can find something similar for a more affordable price

I love the classic look to this outfit with a pop of pink! I think it would be perfect in Maine and Rhode Island,

This outfit looks super cozy but still chic. I have a clutch that would work and my favorite boots. I also have some wonderful gold accessories.

This would be a perfect airport outfit. I will probably switch out the red for a bit more springy color and the chucks for my toms.

I love this outfit for a fun little day date exploring Boston with the hubs! {we are hoping to get to spend a few days in Boston after his graduation.}

Are you on pinterest? You can follow me here

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Do you have any fun trips planned for this Spring?

Friday, January 20, 2012

what i wore {lots of stripes & mustard yellow}

It's Wednesday! That means it is time to share what i wore last week

{stupid blogger did not post this wed. morning like i set it to! arrrrgh!}

pleated poppy

Frist bible study class of 2012, running errands and then a sushi date with the hubs

fleece jacket: alpine
scarf: hubs via target
shirt: f21
jeans: Joe's via nordy rack
shoes: Toms

watched the saints/49ers game with the Wallaces and then sushi dinner at the Castros with the Wallaces

sweatshirt & blue shirt: forever 21
jeans: target {won on twitter}
shoes: Toms
bracelet: from bff

{then we changed into comfy clothes and sat on the couch all day!}

sweater & necklace: kohls
top: f21
pants: the limited
shoes: JCPenney
bracelet: bff

writing at barnes and noble and then a quick walk in downtown ventura

scarf: hubs via target
sweater: the limited
top: NEX
jeans: target {won on twitter}
bracelets: target
purse: nordstrom

pho "last supper" with the wallaces

earrings: bff kate
jacket: thrifted
top: F21
jeans: target {won on twitter}
shoes: target
bracelet: bff kara

yesterday I said goodbye {3 months husbandless}

It has been 5 years since we've dealt with a deployment like situation, so saying goodbye yesterday morning was a bucket of emotions.

He isn't deploying, but instead going to 12 weeks of training at officer candidate school. So the plus is he will not be in harms way and he will not be gone for 6-9 months. The first half of the training I don't really expect to hear from him other than a few notes here and there via snail mail.

Source: tumblr.com via Megan on Pinterest

He has done many random 1-3 week out of town training over the last two years so I don't think it will really kick in until about week 3, and at that point we will be a fourth of the way done!

What is really scaring me is all the change that will occur in our life after his commissioning to a Naval Officer.

It will be a whole new world, a part of the military that I do not feel knowledgeable in.

New type of command. I'm a ship/submarine gal, squadron duty will be a whole new can of worms for me.

New customs and traditions.

The inevitable "someone thinks I'm a snob because I'm an officers wife".

There are of course many wonderful benefits that come with this type of promotion:

A better quality of life

Totally different pay structure

A smaller community which usually also means a better quality of life.

And best of all the hubby is living out his dream!

It is strange to think that the next time I see my husband he will days away from becoming a commissioned officer.

One thing that I am sad about is no longer seeing my man in these uniforms

{this is my 300th post! crazy!!}

Happy Weekend Loves!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

valentine's day decor {lots of pretties for the home}

Wow, I can't believe it is already mid January, time is flying by!

The hubs leaves in two days! I am thinking I might do a last minute early valentine's day celebration this Wednesday night before he leaves.

I am not sure how much I'll decorate the house this year year. {I've never really decorated for V-day}. I will however be stocking up after Feb. 14th for goodies for next year.

I am loving the red and pink color combo so much right now. I might have to do just a few things to pretty up the house.

This is the ultimate valentine's day home decor. I love that they used a white Christmas tree! such a cute and festive idea!

this subway art is adorable! I love the color combo, light pink, white and grey

I absolutely love love love this gift idea!

These little treats are so yummy and easy to make.


Source: bhg.com via Jenelle on Pinterest

these little votive holders are beyond cute.

I used to hate Valentine's Day. I mean really despise it, even as a kid. I am growing to like it more and more each year.

Do you go all out for Valentine's Day?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Swag Swap week! {tons of shop discount codes!}

Happy Monday Loves!
 I am so excited to be a part of the Swag Swap! So many lovely shops and so many discount codes! Shop your little heart out! {don't worry the hubs/bf totally approves, hehe!}



the long awaited swag swap week is going on right now :)

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