Thursday, January 26, 2012

20 things to do while the hubs is away

Happy Friday Eve loves!

Last night I was hit with some funky germs, but after some vitamin C, cold meds, water and sleep I am feeling better. Which is fantastic because I have a crap ton of stuff to do before I leave for Minnesota on Sunday!

Since Scott is gone for about 12 weeks I thought it would be good to make a list of things I want to do while he is gone. You know, a way to pass the time and have something to show for it. I am a list maker by nature so anytime I get to grab pen and paper and go at it I'm game! {I've totally inherited this from my mom, growing up she always made lists}.

  1. learn to use my sewing machine properly
  2. make spring wreath
  3. loose 15 pounds {through weight watchers and working out, I'm already down 6lbs!}
  4. clean out  my craft room
  5. get accounting organized for rellas bellas {scott will loooove this!}
  6. reorganize rellas bellas blog
  7. get NWU website off the ground {i can't wait to share more on this with everyone}
  8. marketing ideas for NWU
  9. shop my closet on the blog
  10. plan our 2-3 day Boston trip {hoping to get a mini vacay after OCS before his AMDO school}
  11. pay down our cc
  12. get the Edge waxed {again scott will love this}
  13. purge boxes in garage
  14. clean laundry area
  15. clean out pantry
  16. organize pic on my computer
  17. learn how to better use my dslr
  18. learn to quilt
  19. learn to sew a bag
  20. start packing up boxes for the big move!
I am starting to write for another military site called Semper Fi Momma.

Here is my first article My Navy Wife Life: from there to here you can read about the first steps of getting to where we are now, the hubs being away at OCS.


Simply.Lovely.Things said...

When is the yard sale??? ;)

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

i love you and your love of lists. don't lists make life so much easier? i'm sure you'll get all of that done and more. way to go on the weightloss friend! that's awesome. so proud of you.

Taylor said...

Go type As ; ). Your lists are so pretty. I'm with you on the sewing machine goal!

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