Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mad Men themed New Years Eve Party

This year was the first time we've done anything fun on NYE in a looooooooooooong time. We hosted a NYE party with the fab Mad Men theme.

I had so much coming up with an outfit and finding fun vintage decor at the thrift stores and then decorating the house.

We had about 18 adults and kids at the party and everyone dressed it, it was so much fun!

Here is the set up, I needed place all the dishes out and label what would be on them so I could make room for everything.

the bar getting set up


the guys trying to be cool and hip. how can you be cool and hip when you look like you coordinated your outfits? Seriously, black tie, white shirt and black pants was the men's theme.

the guys were so hilarious with their fake cigs and real drinks. I just started snapping pics of them trying to get it together for a good pic. they were entertaining to say the least. topics included: skinny jeans, the bieber, anderson cooper and lord knows what else.

i said be cool...

The is cropped from a pic. Liz was on the side and looked so classically 60s with her fake cig and drink.

hello luvah
{first time rockin red lips. i think i am in love}

Liz and I. We went through about 20 outfits before we decided on these and I love them!

girls with their fake cigs and real drinks

my friend tobi on the far left found that dress at a thrift store for $3, score!!

We took some fun couples pictures, because duh, pictures are parties are fun!

rik and liz

maili and isai

tobi and chance.
 This pic of them cracks me up!
tobi is having a great time!
{and that is a fake drink in her hand, so that fun face is totally legit}

the girls being cool {total fake cig and we made sure to announce 100 times to the kiddos that smoking was BAD, hehe}

hostess and host

Wes enjoying his sparkling juice

group picture after ringing in the new year at 12amEST/9pmPST {we had an early party so people did need to find baby sitters and the kiddos didn't have to stay up until midnight}

Since I quit my event planning job in July this is the first party I have planned. I loooooove planning parties so much! I would throw a themed party every month is we had an money tree in our back yard!

I think the next themed party we do will have to be the roaring 20s!


Kelly said...

Soooooooooooo CUTE!! The photos are awesome and you all look so adorable :-D For Halloween last year we attended a 50's themed party and had SO much fun (more than we thought ;-)) dressing up and playing the party! A roaring 20's party would be SO much fun!!

Annie said...

Such a great party theme! I love it and you guys look great! I always use post-its to plan out my dishes ;)

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