Friday, January 20, 2012

yesterday I said goodbye {3 months husbandless}

It has been 5 years since we've dealt with a deployment like situation, so saying goodbye yesterday morning was a bucket of emotions.

He isn't deploying, but instead going to 12 weeks of training at officer candidate school. So the plus is he will not be in harms way and he will not be gone for 6-9 months. The first half of the training I don't really expect to hear from him other than a few notes here and there via snail mail.

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He has done many random 1-3 week out of town training over the last two years so I don't think it will really kick in until about week 3, and at that point we will be a fourth of the way done!

What is really scaring me is all the change that will occur in our life after his commissioning to a Naval Officer.

It will be a whole new world, a part of the military that I do not feel knowledgeable in.

New type of command. I'm a ship/submarine gal, squadron duty will be a whole new can of worms for me.

New customs and traditions.

The inevitable "someone thinks I'm a snob because I'm an officers wife".

There are of course many wonderful benefits that come with this type of promotion:

A better quality of life

Totally different pay structure

A smaller community which usually also means a better quality of life.

And best of all the hubby is living out his dream!

It is strange to think that the next time I see my husband he will days away from becoming a commissioned officer.

One thing that I am sad about is no longer seeing my man in these uniforms

{this is my 300th post! crazy!!}

Happy Weekend Loves!


Mrs. Jenna Lou said...

Awww hang in there I know separations stink no matter how long or short they are. Try to stay focused on the positives because no matter what side you are on there is always good and bad.

GingerPeachT said...

I'm an officer's wife and I'm no snob :-) I was lucky enough to marry my guy who graduated as an officer, so no long training. But we totally did the ldr for 15 months so it's really tough.
Keep crafting though! That will help keep ya busy! If you ever need a friend to vent to I'm here and totally understand

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