Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scott {a softer side to my hubby}

The other night I was looking through all my pics via my ipad and i noticed I have a ton of pics of Scott and the little bebe's in our life.

It melted my heart to see how gentle and loving Scott is in each pic.

I can also see the happiness he has holding those precious babies.

I hope one day we are blessed with our own little bebe's so I can see that happiness on his face every day.

Holding our godson Preston a few hours after he was born {Aug. 2009}

This pic is blurry but look at that face, talk about cute, happy and he might be just a bit scared because he has never held a baby that small or that young. {Aug 2009}

This was before we took Emery to see his baby brother Preston at the hospital. Emery and Scott are bff's for sure. They could hang out all day together and be in heaven. Emery's laugh is contagious.

Holding Preston after he was brought home from the hospital {Aug 2009}

This pic just melts my heart

This was taken this past summer when we met our nephew Colt for the first time. I don't know who is happier Scott or Colt.

One day I will share our story about starting a family, but I am just not ready.

God will bless us with tiny fingers and toes in our house, we just have to be patient and know that it is all in his time.

Until then I will continue to capture these beautiful moments that remind me how wonderful of a father my husband will be.


My Traveling Troop said...

You two will make wonderful parents! I'm sending lots of prayers your way in hopes little fingers and toes are in your immediate future! :)


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