Thursday, March 1, 2012

believing in myself the way my husband does

If you follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram then you are probably tired of my endless food photos while visiting the hubs in Rhode Island. I spent an amazing 11 days in New England, I spent 5 days with the hubby, drove 3 hours north to Maine, stayed with my BFF for 3 days and then headed back south for another weekend with the man of my dreams.

Scott is more concerned with me dealing with his injury in a positive way than he is with how hard it is for him. He sent me this text after we said our goodbyes on Sunday night.

This guy seriously melts my heart. I remind him every day how proud I am of him and how I just know he is going to do very big things as a naval officer. When I think of him being a commissioned officer I get goosebumps. This guy is seriously a poster child for the United States Navy. He loves his job so much and is so excited for this next chapter in our lives. He really is so inspiring.

On Sunday afternoon as we munched on the best lobster salad rolls I've ever had in my life Scott wanted to know what I had planned to do for the next few months to keep myself busy and help time pass quickly. He encouraged me to really focus on my etsy shop and getting my Navy Wives Unite website up and running. He joked that without him around I could totally focus on me and not have to worry about doing things like making him dinner.

He has been beyond encouraging about me pursuing my dreams and stepping out on a ledge. I realized that I might not believe in myself as much as he does. He is so proud of everything I do. He thinks it is so cool that I have a blog that people actually follow. He doesn't care that it is only 133 followers, he is still proud. He gets giddy talking to me about my shop and having my own small business. He believes in me and every little idea I have.

I sometimes get so caught up in what I want my shop to be and how it isn't quite there yet, I forget that it doesn't happen over night. I have so many ideas of things I want to create, beyond just necklaces & belts.

I need to focus on going at my own pace. I can't compare myself to others. I know that every post I write, every idea I have and every connection I make has purpose. I don't need to have 500 or 5000 blog followers to make a difference or impact others. When I write a post and I get one comment saying they can relate to what I said or it helped them reminds me why I'm here in this community.

The hubby believes in me so much, I need to believe in my self in the same way. He suggested I take his old office and make it my craft area and then make my office/ craft space just my office so I can go in each day and be inspired to write and continue to pursue my dreams. Crazy I know, but hey, who knows the next time I will have a 3 bedroom house all to myself?! I need to take full advantage of it.


Kathleen said...

I love you (and your sweet blog). You are someone who deserves to soak up all the good things in your life.

Manda Jane said...

it makes a world of difference when you have a partner who believes in your dreams and supports them! I have one of those and it's so great to know you have at least one other person who believes in you!

Sassy Lemonade said...

You 2 are Adorable and you can tell in the pictures how much you love and cherish each other.

Wanted to let you know... I look forward to your tweets and pictures. Makes me happy to see what it looks like out in the Real World;)

All I can tell you is don't give up and reach for the Stars. You are an Amazing Person and Friend. I'm Lucky to have met you.


Alissa Circle said...

You two are adorable!! What an awesome text message. It's so wonderful when our hubbys remind us how much they love an appreciate us. When Kyle reminds me most often i cry because I feel like i fall so short of all the wonderful things he says.

i'm so excited for your journey and the chance to get to know you.

Hannah Herman said...

There are still good guys out there. My hubby brought me lunch today, just because he thought it'd be nice for me not to have to make something...

Gotta cherish these guys.

Hopping over from Alissa's coffee date:

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