Tuesday, March 20, 2012

funk {and moving away from it}

Yesterday I said I would be sharing a post about blogging to link up with Ashley for blog positivity week.

The truth is I am kind of in a funk and the interwebs are not my favorite place right now. I feel like every time I get on some sort of social media site I am overwhelmed and left with a pit in my stomach. Not even just twitter or the bloggy world but fb as well. I tend to spend more time posting on twitter but as of late I don't really like to. It seems like so many people are in a bad mood or they want to bag on someone else. The same thing happens of fb, complaining about every single little thing. I know I am guilty of it but sometimes it is just too much. I have really tried to change the way I react to things and what I share with everyone.

Lately I feel like I am questioning my etsy shop. I know there is so much more I want to do and so many amazing bloggers have talked about how they don't even make the same product they originally started out with. It takes time, things evolve and I need to remember that. I don't think I am anywhere near where I want my shop to be. So when I see people being so mean and hurtful it makes me just want to say farewell and walk away. I don't want to let some one's bad attitude affect my life and thus I am lefting trying to ignore the mean and focus on the good.

The Good:

I have met some amazing women from blogging and they have been so encouraging. When I wrote this post a few weeks ago I was so touched by the words people wrote to me.

jessica, rici and me

stephanie, annie, me, molly and kristina

I went to blogher last year and met some amazing women.

I have gone way out of my comfort zone and tried things because of this little blog and the encouragment of my readers.

I never thought I would sell my creations at a market. {Let's be honest I never really thought I'd open my own etsy shop} NEVER! But with some amazing encouragment I did and I met some amazing women. {I need to find a new word to replace my constant use of the word amazing.}

april and me

brittney and me

I need to focus on the good and not worry about what other people say. Because at the end of the day I have met so many more awesome people than not and I have had so many more wonderful experiences than not.

{I apologize for this post being so all over the place, that is kind of how my head feels these days.}


My Traveling Troop said...

Sending you lots of hugs in hopes that you start feeling better soon! You are a beautiful person, talented jewelry maker and refreshingly honest, open and fun blogger. Keep it up! :)


Manda Jane said...

just keep doing what you're doing! you are amazing. Don't listen to what other people say or worry about what other people are doing. Follow your heart and be true to yourself. That's what we love about you!

Shannon said...

So understand how you feel...
You are An Amazing Person, just keep doing what your doing.


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