Monday, March 5, 2012

God Blesses us to Bless Others

The message at church yesterday was very clear to me:

God blesses us to bless others.

So simple, so true

Over the last 12 months the Lord has blessed Scott and I in so many ways. Some days I pinch myself to make sure it isn't a dream. Nope, I'm awake, this is all real life.

Last year it seemed like the Lord kept letting our cup overflow. We realized pretty quickly it was all because of the Lord that we were experiencing such fortunes. However, it wasn't until this year that it dawned on both of us that the Lord was giving us all of these wonderful gifts so would could turn around and bless others.

Even in something as simple as sharing our journey. The Lord had been working in our hearts to realize how we can take these wonderful blessings and be a blessing to others.

It blows my mind the way the Lord works and how he reveals to me his plan and my purpose.

He has been speaking very clearly to Scott and I about what our next steps are at our next duty station. Every day he reveals more and more. He is showing us how to take our blessings and make this world just a little bit better place.

As funny as this may sound I often times feel like the Lord most clearly speaks to me when I am driving.

Two Fridays ago I was driving back to Newport, RI from a few day visit with my BFF Kate. Before I left we attend a social media breakfast. I learned so much stuff and was super energized by it.

As I was processing the breakfast I heard the Lord, he was reminding me of a conversation I had with my friend April a few weeks earlier. She was talking about how she knew she was soon going to need some help with all the sewing for her shop. I am probably the last person she wants sewing her gorgeous products, but there might be other ways I could help her. She is going to be moving to Japan in a few short months and will be in a crazy different time zone. Maybe I could help her with other things relating to her business. If I could take some of those tasks off here plate she would have more time to focus on the sewing and creating amazing new products.

I wondered why the Lord was revealing all of this to me. No joke, I said aloud in the car, while driving in the New England rain, "Why God? What is your plan?".

Again, clear as day he revealed his plan. You believe in April, her shop, her purpose, and her heart. And of course I am not saying this is a selfless act. I too will be gaining lots of knowledge and hopefully be able to apply some of it myself but also to share it with others.

4 hours later I pulled into my hotel, got settled in and wrote April worlds longest email on an iPhone. After I hit send I immediately got a bit scared, what if she thought I was completely crazy. I quickly reminded myself it was too late and just let it go.

She obviously didn't think I was that crazy because I am now her virtual assistant. She said the Lord revealed to here she clearly needed help and this was a sign from him that it was time. It is so awesome to me that the Lord spoke to use so clearly and made his will known.

I am truly excited to help a dear friend grow her amazing business and learn along the way.


Kim said...

I love when God speaks to us like that! Good for you for being obedient and sending off the email - you both will be blessed because of it!

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